Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh man !!!!! it was a long ordeal of close to 4 hours, and we were sitting on the seat number 1 and 2 of row number 1, that means just inches away from the screen B-(
From that distance initially it was hard to distinguish Rani from Kiron Kher but eventually eyes adjusted with a lot of help from Rani's scratchy voice.

'KANK' confirms one's belief that media in all forms(tv/radio/print/internet etc etc) is biased (read sold); and dances to the tunes of green color papers! (or cloth)

KANK is a 70 crore product of a rich stubborn KJo's whims, who is obsessed with SRK. Almost all scenes have SRK, and in almost every second scene somebody is crying.
SRK looks like old Veer Prataap Singh of Veer-Zaara who has just come out of his imprisonment, and is big time predictable.
Rani specializes in one-eye weeping, I wonder how she does that.

KANK is more like a TV serial, typical K types one, long, boring, and irritating, at times disgusting, specially that bed-store scene.

The whole concept was so unconvincing, it was hard to identify with any of those relationships.
SRK is whiny, Rani is weepy without a cause, damn in whole movie she is soooooo sad,
Right from the first scene Rani is sad, before marriage she is sad, after 4 years of marriage she is sad, and till the last scene she is sad ; even though draws no sympathy !!
Only God or KJo knows what was her problem or what was she seeking? And why the hell SRK falls for her??
AB and Kiron Kher are predictable and wasted, only saving grace was presence of Preity and Abhishek, both I feel gave one of the best performances of their career.

Well, KJo's movies are like defn of 'friction'(i.e necessary evil) B-(, you hate it or love it, but you gotta see it. But after this I'm sure I'm not gonna see his or his sidekick's next one.
I'm bored of watching same scantly clad models, same exotic locations, same designer sarees with minimal cholis, same SRK same expressions, same rich and loud punjabi family backdrop.

And neither his lucky mascot Kajol's nor even his own presence can save him from loads of criticism. He should better leave such subjects for Yash uncle only.