Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh man !!!!! it was a long ordeal of close to 4 hours, and we were sitting on the seat number 1 and 2 of row number 1, that means just inches away from the screen B-(
From that distance initially it was hard to distinguish Rani from Kiron Kher but eventually eyes adjusted with a lot of help from Rani's scratchy voice.

'KANK' confirms one's belief that media in all forms(tv/radio/print/internet etc etc) is biased (read sold); and dances to the tunes of green color papers! (or cloth)

KANK is a 70 crore product of a rich stubborn KJo's whims, who is obsessed with SRK. Almost all scenes have SRK, and in almost every second scene somebody is crying.
SRK looks like old Veer Prataap Singh of Veer-Zaara who has just come out of his imprisonment, and is big time predictable.
Rani specializes in one-eye weeping, I wonder how she does that.

KANK is more like a TV serial, typical K types one, long, boring, and irritating, at times disgusting, specially that bed-store scene.

The whole concept was so unconvincing, it was hard to identify with any of those relationships.
SRK is whiny, Rani is weepy without a cause, damn in whole movie she is soooooo sad,
Right from the first scene Rani is sad, before marriage she is sad, after 4 years of marriage she is sad, and till the last scene she is sad ; even though draws no sympathy !!
Only God or KJo knows what was her problem or what was she seeking? And why the hell SRK falls for her??
AB and Kiron Kher are predictable and wasted, only saving grace was presence of Preity and Abhishek, both I feel gave one of the best performances of their career.

Well, KJo's movies are like defn of 'friction'(i.e necessary evil) B-(, you hate it or love it, but you gotta see it. But after this I'm sure I'm not gonna see his or his sidekick's next one.
I'm bored of watching same scantly clad models, same exotic locations, same designer sarees with minimal cholis, same SRK same expressions, same rich and loud punjabi family backdrop.

And neither his lucky mascot Kajol's nor even his own presence can save him from loads of criticism. He should better leave such subjects for Yash uncle only.


Prasad said...

oh gosh.. jus today morning i had booked my tickets for tomorrow nights show of KANK.. :((
i know tht its not going to be tht gud.. but didn't expect it to be pathetic.. anyway, now i've got to go thro' the 4 hr ordeal too :P
btw, not yet seen omkara.. probably should have booked for tht..

manuscrypts said... essentially you're saying kabhie alvida na dekhna..

Priyanka Mahanta said...

Hey, a nice review. I cud sit thru the first half watching Preity and Abhishek and ofcourse SEXY SAM overdoing it, but Shahrukh & Rani I just cudnt tolerate right from the beginning. Imagine my plight when a friend thot of surprising me and bought tickets for this movie,not knowing I had already watched it. I didnt want to disappoint him and sat thru the whole KJ weepy saga all over again... :-((

Parth said...

Hmm, yes, no, maybe. The script had flawed, but the Bachchans were good. I think its possible to make a convincing plot for this concept, IF he could have shown some reason/chemistry between the lead pair. Oh well!

Alapana said...

Hahahaha,Stone bhai,why did you even think of watching it in the first place? Right from the day i knew about this film idecided not to watch it:) and no more KJ's flicks for me,had enough of his melodramatic action on and off screen.
By the way i did watch Omkara:)

Alapana said...

Replied to your comment at my blog:)

Mumbai Guy said...

Well said. The concept, the actors, the melodrama and even the music is not worth it.

I am surprised many people say they like this movie because this is different. I just couldn't digest this.

Ekta said...

What a torcher this movie was!!!
Hated it competely!
What a waste of what cld have been a grt storyline!

Anonymous said...

Boss look at luck of Karan Johar...Even this horrible movie is doing brisk business...He is more of a Businessman rather than Director.


Stone said...

@@Prasad:: Leave apart Bacchans, it becomes more sad, Try to catch Omkara!

@@Manuscrypts:: Well, I mean 'Kabhi Karan johar ki film nahi dekha'

@@Priyanka:: Ohh, ur friendz surprise became unpleasant one for you, hats off to you for managing it twice, but with friends, orfor friends who cares, right!!

@@Parth:: I agree, but he ended making it lot more inconvincing! He made it just for heck of it!!

@@Alapana:: Areey kya kahe ba, Karan Johar n SRK ki movies to dekhni hi padhti hai, u hate them or like them but gotta see them!!

@@Mumbai Guy:: Well, concept was not that bad but handling of it was insensitive and unreasonable.

@@Ekta:: It was indeed a torcher, a mega 70crore torcher!! Go for omkara!

@@Sonik:: Right, he is more of a businessman, even before the release of movie usney 70+crore kama liye they, and he knows uski and SRK ki movie sab 1 baar bhi dekhngey to woh super hit ban jayegee!! Will call u soon :-)

vibhor said...

hi buddy,
till now i havent watch that movie..
and after reading so much critisism. im sure of one thing,if it is telecasted also im not going to waste my three n half hours..