Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What if?

God created this world and then moved off to do something else, probably interesting.

And here we are sitting on the land of a freaking revolving planet of a freaking so-called solar system.

There are millions of galaxies around, billions of stars, planets and what not.

And what if one fine day, out of curiosity the head of anyone of the super powers countries decides to blow-up the Earth?? Then what??


Arthur Quiller Couch said...

You're obviously heading towards "The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Keep going, Arthur Dent II.

Re: sideburns - try a buzz-cut.

manuscrypts said...

nothing...probably nothing...no, just nothing :)

Mirage said...

Wow! Sounds cool! Earthlings vs Killer Aliens! Oooh yea that sounds goooood!

For once there'll be somethin interestin to do!!

Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!

Arunima said...

If not'Hitch-hicker's guide to the galaxy' then I am sure you are waiting for Krishh :-)

Please cool down. How is the weather there?

Alapana said...

Definitely not my kind of a post which i would prefer to read two days before the D day:(
All well? WHts wifey's reaction to this post? or is this post a reaction to any action of Wifey? :p Answers awaited.

shub said...

office mein zyaada kaam nahi hai kya? ;O)

Stone said...

@Arthur Quiller Couch:: lol@Arthur Dent II.

@manuscrypts:: yep, nothing just nothing, just that all silly planets revolving in their silly orbits.

@Mirage:: Good to know that you too liked this thought :-)

@Arunima:: hmmm, here I'm watching all latest hindi flicks (including pyaare mohan types) but I miss the promos/trailors of movies and off course TV ads :-)

@Alapana:: hahaha, you should not be touching computer two days before D-day :-)
well, this post have nothing to do with wifey, now like everyone she too finds my blog boring, she hardly read posts here.

@Shub:: Office mein kaam kabhi khatam nahi hota...main roz jalata hoon yeh bhasm nahi hota :-)