Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Yes, I do believe in God, I believe in miracles, I’ve full faith in HER.
There is someone somewhere who is guiding me, my actions, and cares for me; loves me unconditionally. I’m bad, manipulative but still I believe God loves me, SHE loves everybody, all HER good and bad children. At times, it is so relaxing to leave everything to HER, and let HER decide what is in favor of everybody.
Last night nephew(with his shoes on) kicked me hard at my mouth, for a moment I thought my left n right incisor are gone, luckily escaped with a swollen upper lip only.
Of course we were playing.
Shubha Mudgal rocks. Check out the music of Raincoat.
Here, atmosphere is bit tense, not tense exactly, it’s ‘extra-professional’ now a days as annual increment/promotion letters are being given, though I’m not expecting anything coz’ I got one such letter six months back.
Passing thought: If for an minute or for a second, we all stop visiting all religious places(mandirs/masjids/gurudwaras/churches/etc etc.) , then we stop going there for a week and then a month, this will reduce all religious places to mere ‘buildings’; I meant still believing in God but not visiting any religious place.
Conclusion- God is where, we choose HER to be.
Damn, my mailbox is flooded with pictures of tsunami disaster; people send the relief there rather than bombarding pictures again and again.


Handa said...

shubha mudgal bahut time se rock kar rahi hai bhaaai.... bahut der kar di tumne realise karne main :)

manuscrypts said...

God is in everything... but in different ways, and not necessarily in the way we want to see..

Pallavi said...

Yes faith is what pushes are through.. surrender to the Ultimate force is what will make us live...

please spread the word of relief to your friends in Bangalore.. I have put up a post on aiding the people from bangalore.. see if you can help... thanks a lot

Akruti said...

Ha,takecare of u r upperlip and next time when playing see that he is not wearing shoes:)
I loved the music of RAINCOAT and shuba Mudgal at her best i guess:)
And u r right abt god,find him anywhere u want:) it depends on how u see the world:)
A very happy new year to u

Arunima said...

nice thoughts. take care n hope you didn't hurt yourself much.
wish you a happy new year

manuscrypts said...

happy new year man :)

Stone said...

@Handa: hmm....I meant, she is extra-'rocking' in Raincoat :-)

@Manus: "God is in everything... but in different ways"....hmm well more or less isn't it same as "God is where we choose HER to be."

@Pallavi: True, its all about the FAITH.
Yes, spread the words among all my acquaintances, your post was a great help indeed.

@Neels: Hi, I'm fine now but problem is that my nephew thinks that he is SPIDERMAN, and I'm the BADMAN :-)
Wish you a very happy new year.

@Arunima: Nice to hear from you. Wish you and your loved ones a very happy new year.

@Manu: Wish you a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR dude :-)

Liberal Chrystie said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one that knows "she" is here... "she" never left "us," rather "we" left her at times. Nice blog and I wish for you a peaceful, nice and lazy happy new year.

Arunima said...

new post wanted :-)