Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Yellow Journalism

Dear M/s Purie/Chandra/Mukherjea/Roy,

In this new year, we'll highly appreciate if you people concentrate on presenting news to the viewers in more 'humane' manner, and do not make news spicy and juicy at the expense of human emotions, we are sick of watching so many such TV shows (Khabardaar, RED ALERT, Investigation, Jurm, SANSANI, FIR etc etc.) which totally depend on sleaze and exploited human emotions, broaden your view pleaseee, stop making mockery of people who have already suffered a lot , stop presenting them in studio for sorting out family feud(remember Arif-Gudiya issue),, please raise the standard of content presented. We are not interested in knowing the intimate details of Rahul Gandhi's girlfriend, but kindly make us more aware about our rights, about our duties and responsibilities, tell us how our chosen Government is faring in most transparent manner, tell us how our MPs and MLAs are doing for their constituency, call them in studio ask them questions coz its the right of tax-paying common man to know how his hard-earned money is being spent.

Stop glamorizing the evil, stop presenting criminals as some sort of heroes. Stop showing us the live police raids on massage parlors, stop showing us enacted versions of crime, which took place. We are not interested in knowing how blue-films are made and distributed, we are not interested in knowing how flesh-trade flourishes. Please stop all this nonsense.
If you have then information then present that to authorities and follow up with them.

Why do we have to flip 3-4 channels to know the actual news, why each channel have a different story to tell, why can't we trust just one channel, its all coz of ever deteriorating standards of information presented to us, in the race-of-me first the information gets twisted and channel loses creditability.

Stop this commercialization,.. Raise the bar, and bring back the good old days of fair & transparent news, presented in most unambiguous and uncomplicated manner.

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Frigid Midget said...

They'd stop publishing or featuring once we stop viewing. Explanation lies in the simple law of Demand and Supply. They only sell what we buy.

Akruti said...

I guess the truth gets buried in this commercialization,the reality is down the layers of the fancy of these channels,wish all this was more simpler and helped the common man.instead of show off wish we had simple plain truth to see or hear abt.
goodone and i have a word for u in my new post:).check the lastlines there,havefun

Anonymous said...

Totally agree..these buggers have nothing better to do than make insensitive news reports... check out the E-TV channels and how they display mishap scenes during primetime without any warning.
Runa (runa@rediffblogs.com)

Stone said...

@Frigid:: Even u leave apart the mentioned TV shows, the general standard of news-prensentation has deteriorated a lot, now they have all modern gadgets with them but they lack the insight, they all sound plain in-sensitive.
like...asking a 13 yrs old who was in sea for 24 hrs, the kid had been thru hell and they were asking "tumhari family nahi mili abhi tak..tumhe kaisa lag raha hai.." ...DISGUSTING.

Parth said...

Indian TV journalism (if you can call it that) is going the exact same way as the US. There seems to be this disgusting voyueristic joy that they seem to be feeding to. Make no mistake, when there is demand, there is supply. It makes me sad

manuscrypts said...

ah, ethics in media... i have ambivalent feelings, coz i keep ogling at the screen and page 3..hehe ;)

Arunima said...

You are right but on second thoughts, would you seriously be interested in knowing what the MLAs are doing rather than the spicy news? :-)

I go with Manu :-)

Stone said...

@Arunima:: Yes, I really want to know abt work the MLA of my constituency is doing.

@manuscrypts:: me too do that all the time :-)

@Parth:: Rightly said they r trying ape US media-culture but they lack insight.

@Runa:: It has become to fashionable to show gory scenes...and disgusting clips again n again( Remember on Zee news they played Shahid-Kareena clip in a loop in the background).

Neels:: Very true, commercialization is major factor in this degradation..picture this...how they show headlines.
1) 80, 000 died in Indonesia, Govt. stopped counting.
2) blah ..blah...
in the end they add another line..like.

Sona-chaandi chwanprash...suraskshit tan..surakshit maan.

manuscrypts said...

yello..oops hello ;)

shantanu said...

media ethics, noawadays, are just a thing we can debate about and never change. Hell, I remember that episode when that shoot out at ensal plaza took place. For two whole minutes the zee tv announcer was detailing what all u can get on different floors of ansal plaza.
And in that on-screen issue-resolving talk held betweer a girl and her parents. Whatever the parents said, it was not even listened to. Cuz making the parents seem evil meant much more viewership for the channel.