Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My relationship with this blog is turning out to be same as my relationship with everyone else..I mean as with all people around me. In short ‘Duniya’.

It’s not that I don’t like it or don’t like people…acquaintances ..friends….etc.

By not talking (vastly different from communicating) or not being in touch, some may think of me as..’bridge burner’…or for a lack of better word ‘bridge abandoner’; but something within me says I’m neither of these.

This is not an abandoned place, I religiously (again due to lack of better word) visit this blog (and blogs of all my virtual friends) at least once everyday, and I’m sure dear blog knows this and shyaad also understands this, which I cannot say about duniya.

And million dollar question is…what to blog what not to blog, what to show and what to hide…and stuff which comes under ‘not to blog’ makes much more interesting posts.
Nope, writing about workplace is not at all safe, though I’ve done that in past, but now that’s a big NO. And other interesting insights which one gains from personal life are too personal to share, or personal word will lose its meaning.
Still outside of these two premises, things can be written about / shared here, and for that some good writing skills are needed which I clearly don’t have.
There are so many wonderful bloggers out there who weave beautifully witty stories out of mundane activities….like getting a hair cut or visiting dentist or an eating place.

Hmmm may be some day….

Yes I’m a social disaster; yes I don’t talk, especially when everyone else around me is talking. Okay, I don’t talk because I find it very boring, and 99.9% people talk the OBVIOUS things….yes pretty plain obvious…and I hate hearing my voice stating obvious stuff. So prefer to keep quiet and listen (or pretend to) everyone else’s self-boasting half-baked theories and stories.

Why can’t we be normal….just plain boring normal people…talking about normal stuff…no more show-off, no more artificial talks….no more passing judgments about everything, no more proving a point or something.
Life is not a contest after all.

Plus, I hate this concept of ‘ice-breaking’…..why is that everyone starts with weather and ends up with economic policies when one cannot do anything about either.

I think,someday I’d start carrying an actual ice-breaker with me and …..


Kanan said...


manuscrypts said...

i see :p
no, actually do... i'm a social disaster too, except in the company of very few :)
we're normal.. just a different normal than the regular normal :)

~nm said...

Mar 12: Happy Anniversary Dude!! So whats the count so far?

Anonymous said...

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Stone said...

@Kanan - { rant over }, I'm feeling better now :-)

@Manuscrypts - Same here, I'm normal with normal people :-)

@~nm - Thank you so much :-)
my answer will be same as last year....5 years less than you :-)

Ekta said...

let me know if carrying the ice-breaker works..I need it too!

Arunima said...

there, you have written nicely about some mundane stuufs. :-)

Happy Anniversary!

Alapana said...

I love the word " Normal boring people" because i am one too:) I don't understand why i need to go out and meet people and make a conversation when i am perfectly happy having my popcorn and a "Bawarchi or golmaal or chupke chupke" and husband busy with his hollywood dushum dushum movies and we can go on for hrs together being silent yet happy. For me what matters is if i am happy and being a normal boring person i know i am happy:) To hell with what others say:)
Happy Anniversary dost.

Suspended Animation said...

Hahaha.. Yeh Duniya badi gol hai.. You are the victim of the grand blogging paradox - 'to share or not to share is not the question'..!

I also visit this blog.. once in a week.. I suppose you bloggy knows this and is smiling now.. :D

I find it difficult to join the conversation when people are talking about things like 'weather and economic policies'.. so I utilize the time in looking around and spotting areas of attention investment.. :D

Anyway.. as everyone is saying.. Happy Anniversary (which one??)

Take care..!

chandni said...

bhai u have to do your own thing! write about stuff that's comfortable to you.

There's a way to write avbout personal things without giving everything away!

cryptic is the name of the game :)

Pallavi said...

I can get what you mean. I have been focusing on writing again.. and it feels good I must say to reconnect. But I know.. sometimes, I do think that thoughts which I want to project might not be blog-worthy..

Why not have a private circle of blogs and give permission to readers whom you trust.. and can brainstorm with..

What do you think ??

And yes, thanks for passing by my blog.. I appreciate it..