Thursday, December 09, 2004

M a l e f a c t o r

{* will e d I t it soon *}

  • I submit fake medical and phone bills.
  • I submit fake rent-receipts to save tax on HRA.
  • I purchase pirated music in form of MP3s.
  • I break signal whenever there is no traffic on the road.
  • Recently I bribed the traffic-cop when he stopped me for breaking the signal.
  • Sometimes I throw toffee-wrappers and bus-tickets on road, consciously-mistakenly.
  • Whenever I pay my bills after the due date I mark the cheques with an earlier date.


Surinder said...

nothing new ;) ..

Arunima said...


Stone said...

@Surinder, Arunima:: I know nothing new, 99% people do this but hai to yeh sab galat na :-(

Anonymous said...

Truly "Bad Man Talking" ! :-)


Akruti said...

Hmm,i heard all these somewhere else,hmm,i think many of us r into this:)

manuscrypts said...

oh shit... u are one of those strangers i wasnt supposed to talk to..hehe

Pallavi said...

mee too mee three mee four !!! LOLOLOLOL welcome to this world of fake bills !! haahh 1!

Parii said...

You bad man, you! :-)

shub said...

hmm..fake bills..eveyone does that, icluding the tax consultant!!!! but conscience permits me to produce fake medical bills...not HR slip...don't wanna do it!!

as for throwin wrappers on teh raod..i end up nearly screaming at ppl who do that on roads!!!

which explains why you find loads of junk in my bag!!
don't wanna sound preachy...but ....C'mon, its the least you can do to keep the country clean!

Stone said...

FrenZ:: All above mentioned are 'illegal' but they so much imbibed in our systems now we take all this for granted as if its our right. And what bothers me most is there is no solution in sight. :-(

shub said...

what do you mean tehre is no solution in sight? if you feel strongly about it, you can always make a start in the right doretion na? all it takes is a small step and some conviction!!!
n now its become a gyaan giving comment! :(

Stone said...

@Shub:: Hi, hmmm..this might convey something.