Thursday, December 22, 2005 last Dada is down and out hopefully forever, provided Laxman or Yuvi do not suffer any injuries.
Well, first they included him in test squad without any reason, then dropped him again without reason, so it clearly shows that all this was pre-planned.
"Bakrey ki maa kab tak khair manati.." ;-) no Dalmiya, so no Ganguly simple.
No worries, its good for him and the country.

Kumble has again showed why he is such a dangerous bowler at home, when Murli and Dilshan were complaining abt the SG balls, Kumble was busy taking wickets :-) Type of ball doesn't effects Kumble's style of bowling, give him any ball any day on any surface, he will not spin it :-) simple.

So far all seems to be on track, 'good job' Mr.Chappel.

Real test of nerves will be against Pakistan, they are on a high after morale boosting wins over England (though 3-2 score line is deceptive).
If we can contain Inzy and send back their openers early on, only then we stand a chance.

South Africa and Australia are playing boring cricket, I've never liked SA players, they r plain n bore (except Klusener/Rhodes/Brian MacMillan).
Rudolph played a commendable inning to save the match.

At last wifey is here, and still overcoming jetlag :-)
Probably on weekend, will go out n explore some places nearby!!!!


B o o said...

First to comment, yippeeee!! Happy re-union! Do I dare ask for some details? ;)

Prasad said...

hmm.. its better tht he retires from International cricket.. now, he is going to Sharad powar and now they r saying tht they'll contemplate on bringing him back.. but, its too late now i guess..

all in all, the cricket we played was too gud.. very professional.. and neat.. but, this is home.. where we excel easily..
lets see.. as u said, pakistanis r in gud touch now.. so, it'll be a great contest..
am looking forward to tht series.. :)

btb, enjoying home made khana back again ;)
hmm.... enjoyyyyyy :D

Mirage said...

India's doin a fairly good job, but I still think Ganguly shudve stayed arnd fr a while...

Anyway, enjoy 'biwi ke haath ka khana!' :)

Mirage said...

Btw, if u have the time, i'd like u and ur blogger pals to participate in a sort of a game. U'll get the rules at

It cud be gr8 fun...lets see where this goes! :)

Prasad said...

ohhh... not again.. i guess these guys need more n more controversies...
First ganguly is back for the Pak series and now they r creating problems again asking him why he didn't play in the Ranji match..
oh.. donno how long this will continue.. :(

manuscrypts said...

i think the pak tour will be his last..

Anonymous said...

Surely last series for ganguly unless there is a miracle and may be there is a compromise planned worked out btwn the board and ganguly that he would ask for a voluntary retirement one after this series.
and yes,it was great fun to meet you after a year.oh yes i forgot that Food,coffee(believe me it was best of the year for me) and tea at your place was excellent.

Arunima said...

I like him but i guess, it is time for him to go.

Stone said...

@Boo::Details..wat details?? ;-)

@Prasad:: Everything is possible with BCCI.

@Mirage:: Now he is back, lets see how he fares now.
And yes biwi ke haath ka khaana is like heaven.

@Manu:: right, whether he plays or not this is going to be his last series.

@Amit:: Hey, it was just GREAT to meet you yaar, thanks for coming. Come again and again :-)

@Arunima:: hmm...he WAS good, has scored some good one-day knocks but in past 3 yrs he hasn't performed at all, guys like Badani/Dinesh Mongia/Reetineder Sodhi/Bangar just couldn't play more coz of him.
He should go now.