Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend well spent!!

We had fantastic time this weekend, Wifey's friends from Virginia were here, everything was just perfect from wifey's delicious meals* to 'Tonga'(horse cart for angrezez) ride in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge was as freezing/windy as ever, met some strange characters at Fisherman's wharf; almost ran into a old colleague, but preferred not to say hi ;-)


My favorite team GS Warriors lost again in NBA play offs, they are 1-3 down, and now I don't think they can pull it off from here. Anyways Jazz are a better team!!!


Btw, Happy '39th' Anniversary mom and dad :-) , one reads this , and also I can never say this to my dad :-))

My CEP exam is now less than a month away, so its high time to start studying seriously....that reminds me during school days I had this badge 'Get Serious' 'Get Serious' :-)

* -- specially chaane-ki-daal stuffed allo-tikki were too good!


Arunima said...

My parents have also crossed 35 yrs but I am not sure about the exact number. must be going neck to neck with yours. I also don't wish my dad that's why I am not sure.

They are coming here this week-end.

anumita said...

I read this and happy anniversary to your parents.

Stone said...

@Arunima:: Ya our parents are going neck to neck, remember our dads also retired in same year same month!

My parents too have their tickets confirmed for next month, now all depends on mom's health.

@Anumita:: Thank you...and again Thank you :-)

shub said...

oye! kaise ho? annd good luck for the exam! ( I have no clue what's CEP! :D )