Monday, May 26, 2008

These days I’m leading a life of a retired person. It sounds fun but in reality it is not.
Well, its not TOTAL vacation time, I’ve to complete 120hrs (at least), initially I tried to keep track but not anymore. Though its not lots of work but thoughts of doing hazaar things weighs down one.

Recently read a perfect definition of a lazy – “Someone who is always wanting to do something and end up doing nothing”
Good, they didn’t put my snap next to it.

Its 1-0 Aussies, as I write this, WI's resistance ended by a bad call in the end.

Next 1 week is going to be lot more hectic, lots of traveling is on cards.


manuscrypts said...

damn, i was banking on retirement to be fun :|

Arunima said...

then they must have surely put my snap instead of yours.

Pallavi said...

Thanks for the wishes.. and wishes to your wife from my side as well :)
Hope you enjoyed the day..

Stone said...

@Manu -- Same here, but preview turned out to be big disappointment.

@Arunima -- I'll check again :-)

@Pallavi -- Thank you.