Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Customary Post




aayee hayaat aaye
kazaa le chali chale...
apni khushi na aaye
naa apni khushi chale...


shub said...

Happy birthday :) and have a wonderful day with the wife!

~nm said...

Wishing you a very wonderful birthday! Have lots of fun!

Pallavi said...

Happy Birthday to you.. :) Hope you had a great day..

manuscrypts said...

and its becoming customary to wish you a day late :)

PS. I missed last year tho..dont know how... :|

Alapana said...

I am back and to wish you a happywala birthday:)) ok,belated happywala birthday:(

Stone said...

@@Shub :: Yep, b'day was mixed bag, cutting cake and doing last minute packing before going to airport.

@@~nm :: Hi, Thanks for the wishes, and sorry couldn't meet you. In fact couldn't meet even a single friend in this trip.

@@Pallavi :: Thank you.

@@Manuscripts :: Even I can't believe that you missed it last time.

@@Alapana :: Good to see you here, and thanks for the wishes.