Saturday, April 12, 2008


"O sajniiiiii
seeneeey seyyy...
lag key tu
oneeeeeeeey dey...."

and yesterday it was
"teri aankhon mein hai halka sa nasha....."

......playing in my head infinite loop.

** Updated photoblog after a long time.


manuscrypts said...

haha, what an earworm :)

Sayesha said...

I actually dunno either of the songs! :O :O :O

Metamorphosis said...

Try dard-e-disco :-))

Arunima said...


How did you decipher dard-e-disco by the way?

Stone said...

@@manu :: Big time.

@@Sayesha :: hmmm....those were not the 'mukhdas' of the song. First one is from Manorama Six Feet Under- "Dhundhala jo sama bandha", and other next was from Josh.."Mere khyaalon ki mallika"

@@Metamorphosis :: Thats 'sar-dard' e disco.

@@Arunima:: Oh that was some crap logic of mapping "London Paris San Francisco" line to Olympic torch route.

Pallavi said...

For me its u me aur hummmmmmm

Sayesha said...

Ah okay! Interesting when the antaras play in the head no? Means you're realllly into the song. :D