Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kuch yaad aaya??

Well, it took me 'some' time to write these names but I enjoyed recalling all those serials, and those days.
  1. Dadi ma jaagi
  2. Hum Log
  3. Buniyaad
  4. Udaan
  5. Katha Sagar
  6. Karamchand
  7. Neev
  8. Air hostess
  9. Lifeline/Jeevan rekha
  10. Chunauti
  11. Campus
  12. Sigma
  13. Street Hawk
  14. Indradhanush --- featuring Karan Johar :-)
  15. Malgudi Days
  16. Kakkaii kahin
  17. Fauji
  18. Rajni
  19. Ek Do Teen Char
  20. Idhar Udhar
  21. Khandaan
  22. Kile Ka Rahasya
  23. Kab Tak Pukaroon
  24. Ek Kahani Aur Mili
  25. Honee Anhonee
  26. Ramayan
  27. Mahabharat
  28. Tenaliram
  29. Trishna
  30. Ados Pados
  31. Sanjha Chulha
  32. Dil Dariya
  33. Intezar
  34. Shrikant
  35. Mrignayani
  36. Nirmala
  37. Tamas
  38. Vikram Betal
  39. Ek Dil Hazaar Afsane
  40. Afsaane
  41. Kirdaar
  42. Sukanya
  43. Subah
  44. Heman & Masters of Universe
  45. Giant Robot
  46. Jaime and The Magic Torch
  47. Singhasan Battisi
  48. Aa Baiil Mujhe Maar
  49. Aisa Bhi Hota hain
  50. Daane Anaar Ke
  51. Jamai Raja
  52. Mungeree lal ki haseen sapne
  53. Barrister Vinod
  54. Khazana
  55. Yeh jo hai zindagi
  56. Paying Guest
  57. Wah Janaab
  58. Babaji ka bioscope
  59. Phir wahi Talaash
  60. Basera
  61. Kshitij Yeh Nahin
  62. Byomkesh Bakshi
  63. Chanakya
  64. Kashmakash
  65. Mr Yogi
  66. Wagle Ki Duniya
  67. Bharat Ek Khoj
  68. Chhoti Badi Baatein
  69. Ek Kahaani
  70. Dekh Bhai Dekh
  71. Didi's Comedy Show
  72. Tele-Match
  73. Shanti
  74. Ulta Pulta
  75. Flop Show
  76. Farmaan
  77. Dada dadi ki kahaniya
  78. Mirza Ghalib
  79. Mitti ke rang
  80. Mulla Nasirruddin
  81. Mamaji
  82. Nukkad
  83. Gul Gulshan Gulfaan
  84. Kacchi Dhoop
  85. Pachpan Khambe Laal Deewarein
  86. Kashish
  87. Kehkashaan
  88. Charitraheen
  89. Circus
  90. The Sword of Tipu Sultan
  91. Phool khiley hai gulshan gulshan
  92. Mujrim haazir hai
  93. Stone Boy
  94. Swabhimaan
  95. Isi Bahane
  96. Faster Fene
  97. Thoda Saa aasman
  98. Doosra kewal
  99. Neem ka ped
  100. Bahadur Shah Zafar
  101. Potli baba ki
  102. Jungle Book
  103. PC aur Mausi.
  104. Surabhi. was sooo simple and uncomplicated in those days.
And TV was a beautiful medium of entertainment,and serials actually had some-story.
..and now some Ekta Kapoor has destroyed everything.


Mirage said...

Wow! You sure have a great memory! I must b like 6 or 7 when they aired these...hardly remember any!
And you're right...Ekta Kapoor SUCKS!!

Pallavi said...

Loved Neenv !! Kathasagar... I also liked this serial called Rishtey wich was telecasted by Zee.. yeah life was pretty simple then,... hahah

Pallavi said...

Oh yes there was Potli baba... which was pretty cute on Sundays !! :)

Pallavi said...

and also that Discover India series which had Ompuri naratting about Indian history,... Surabhi was very educative too...SIGH

Nupur said...

What abt JungleBook? *chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai - phool khila hai!!* :D

Debalina said...

Can't agree more on Ekta Kapur invasion. Different Channels, different serial names and same story, same cast and same viewers !

runa said...

phew...that was awesome....i was hoping u might have missed one or two of the ones that i still remembered...but then u had covered most of them. tho i think i used to liked the "satyajit ray presents" series as well. neways...nice list.

Anonymous said...

i can only recollect very few of those serials and i remember u saying also about this to me,i remember the old days

Handa said...

wow.. thats a huge list... i m not familiar with a few of those names like chunauti, dadi maa jaagi,etc.. btw.. how much time did it take to compile this list?

Stone said...

@mirage :: thank u for the compliment, my friends say I've memory of an elephant. but its limited only to remembering all faltu ki baatein :-)

@Pallavi:: Me too loved KathaSagar; Rishtey was nice so is Star best seller , but here I tried to list out serils of good old days of DD. :-)

@Pallavi:: Yes, Potli baba ki, now I've added that.

@Pallavi:: Discovery of India is there in the list with name "Bhart ek khoj", I loved the naration of 'Roshan Seth'. and Surbahi is now added to list. :-)

@Nupur:: Added that to list, u know wat, i was made to sing (with actions) on this song during college raggin :-(

@Debalina::"Different Channels, different serial names and same story, same cast and same viewers !"
STORY?? woh kya hota hai???

@Runa:: Ya I remember that Satyajit Ray presents series. Let me know if I missed any one u remember.

@Anon:: Is that you Amit? :-)

@Handa:: Well, this was not compiled at one go, I added to it as and when I recalled one.

Sonik said...

Cool one...I really appreciate your Memory..>And Ekta Kapoor is a big shit lady. Her Serials are more of a horror show rather than entertainment. If the Serial doesnot works, then she don't mind changing the actors just for the sake of TRP ratings...But this thing is reaching its heights now and these sorts of serials are getting too Boring...What about the bull shit program "JASSI JAISI KOI NAHIN"....O god....this is the most horrible television serial of the decade.

BoyJoy said...

Man!!! Kudos for remembering so many and esp Yeh jo hai zindagi - remember - it used to be aired on Fridays and it was the reason i loved fridays...

Also - sonik's comment is so sonik-like :P

sai thilak said...

i wonder how could you collect the names of those serials ! ;-)

Smiling Agony said...

You always make me so nostalgic - first it was comics then this post - whew!! - Some memory !!

I remember some - Potli mein hari hari pariyon ke par - great song ! - Jungle book - jungle jungle pata chala hai chaddhi pehen ke phool khila hai !! - Nukkad, Circus, Fauji, Ulta Pulta (wasnt it Jaspal bhatti?) and Flowshow - Dekh bhai dekh -

Used to love Bomkesh Bokshi - Some of them used to air when I was a kid - 2 or 3 years !!

Truly nostalgic to talk of the good old days not the shit that we have today ! Ekta Kapoor Sucks !!

Sangeeta said...

Wow! u took me back to the yesteryears..i so misss those serials:(( yes......ekta kapoor knows nothing abtmaking tv serials:((

manuscrypts said...

woweee, had planned to do this.. but glad u did, i wdnt have reached even close to this.. great post man!! :)

Praveen Bhat said...

wow!!! great blog, man!!!

hey, more vague recalls, if I may:

--memoirs of invisible man, was it?
--something on Sherlock Holmes?
--Uttar Ramayan :)
--PC 1008?
--Chitrahaar? (since phool khile... is in ;)
--Darpan? (I think the first one to start short stories; one per episode kinds)
--Ghar Jamai?

smile said...

You missed "Sigma" and "Sparsh"

runa said...

star trek and UFO on sunday mornings and superhit hungama on DDMetro

Deez said...

wow.........u still remembers them. then i am not the only one.

... and what a lovely list.:)

Arunima said...

I read and re-read to see if you missed anything.

lovely post!!

yes, maila anchal. do you remember? it was not that popular though.

Was a bit upset. your post cheered me up.

Stone said...

@Sonik:: hahaha.. typical Sonik comment, seems that u r forced to watch 'jassi" daily ;-)

@BoyJoy:: Yeh joh hai zindagi was my favorite too, genuine clean comedy.

@sai thilak:: just like that dear friend..just like that :-)

@Smiling Agony:: hmm..u remember title songs also..., food for another post ;-)

@Sangeeta:: me too badly miss those days and serials, and true she doesn't know anything abt making TV serials but she surely knows how to make money.

@manuscypts:: Ur words mean a lot man!!! Thanks a lot.

@Praveen Bhat:: Thanks for visiting mate, hmm will update this list with names u mentioned.

@smile:: Sigma is there, and Sparsh it was on sony right?? some Ravi Rai serial.

@runa:: yeah star-trek and Superhit Muqabla (not hungama) should b there, thanks.

@Deez / Vanilla:: I'm glad u liked it, thanks for passing by.

@Arunima:: Ya, Maila Anchal, I remember but only the name :-)
Don't be upset mate, cheeeeer up. esmileeeeeeee puhleezzzz.!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff.. u've listed it all... fond memories of some of the serials I really enjoyed.. aaj kal itne channels hain, par ek bhi serial aisa nahin jo ham das saal ke baad bi yaad rakhenge...


One of us said...
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Arnav said...

Really nice post...and makes me so nostalgic.
It's an amazing coincidence but I was discussing something similar with my friends this weekend and we managed to come up with a lot of names we thought we'd relegated to the attics of memory - serials like Humrahi (which made a star out of Himani Shivpuri in the role of Devki Bhojaai, and which I believe is not here in the list) and Pachpan Khambe Lal Deewarein (this one's here...Aman Verma's debut).
Aah...those were the worries about career and competitve exams, or looking for a story in a serial when it's not there

Stone said...

@anon/V :: dus saal,agar serial ke break mein channel change kar do to yaad nahi rehta ke hum initially dekh kya rahe they.

@Arnav:: Yes..Humrahi, will add it to this list!!
hmm waqt-waqt ki baat hai mere bhai ..hmmm !!!

Anonymous said...

You have covered almost all that I remember. You may want to add 'Mr. and Mrs' which introduced Jayant Kriplani to the television audiences. I think Archana Puran singh was the female lead in that one, though I am not 100% sure.

And then there was the talk show by 'Some' Handa on sunday mornings.

Anonymous said...

One more I recalled:
'Kahaan gaye woh log'

Anonymous said...

I remember Kile kaa rahasya and fauji.Kile kaa rahsya was so scary that i used to cover myself by a bed-sheet and then watch the TV through a peep Hole Great Days!!!!!!!

Shridhar said...

It was nice to read through the list and refresh memories. Old good time!
I wish to share, few more names:
Mungeri lal ke hasin sapne,
Phatichar:Phatichar was starring Pankaj Kapur, this is a Novel character keeps coming out in reality, it did not complete though.
Alis in wonderland,
Fairytale Theater,
Panchtantra ki Kahaniya,
Swabhiman: This one more. Used to run at mornings in begining of crap mega serials.
Few more I vaguely remember.
Lets make the list complete

Tushar said...

Let me add these ones to the list:
1. Param Veer Chakra
2. Manoranjan(Same cast as Nukkad)
3. Spiderman(Still remember the title song)

Puja (Trisoft se) said...

Oye Sandy....'chhoti badi baatein' bhool gaya?

'Different Strokes'...woh do negros bachon ke kisse

'Lucy' ka kya hua?

'Dekho magar pyaar se'...sirf wifey ko...

Anonymous said...

Qile Ka rahasya

smita said...

It was like looking at the past with the same eyes…so clear …exactly the same thoughts I had when reading the blog…all the characters of each serial waving at me..hey did u mention “udaan” else u ve covered all …u r right..those were the hey days…where emotions were coupled with simplicity..gr8 man..thnx…I thght ppl from my cult have vanished…250yrs of experience does count..
Who wants to know wht ekta does???

Ritu said...

can anyone send me lyric of the serials NEEV and PHIR WAHI TALASH
i am hement.
i will be very thankful to them

hement said...

can anyone send me lyric of the serials NEEV and PHIR WAHI TALASH
i am hement.
i will be very thankful to them

Ritu said...

can anyone send me lyric of the serials NEEV and PHIR WAHI TALASH
i am hement.
i will be very thankful to them

kaveri said...

hello dear friends, if anybody has the collection of the tele series 'phatichar',i would be grateful if allowed to get my hands on it,with costs taken care of. my id is

poemsnpuja said...

accha lagta ahi ki aur bhi log hai jinhehin yaad hai wo din jab tv dekhna ek experience hua karta tha. saara ghar baith ke dekhta hta aur ham intezaar karte the poore hafte ek episode ka. jab light chali jaane pe dukh hota tha ki serial nahin dekh paayenge...
though i dont remember all the serails as i was very young at their time hte ones fir wahi talash and neem ka ped still evoke nostalgia.

Lalit Singh said...

u got an amazing list there
mind flooded with the memory of all those serials that used to be aired back then. So much a part of the childhood growing experience

Sandeep said...


Anonymous said...

hey do you remember a serial "ajnabi". used to be aired on good old "DD-1". It was based on india-pakistan cross border terrorism.. the villain, a baldhead(i remember his face, but not his name[:(]) used to sing "bol mitthi dinya, banwya hoye, ye tenu ishk ni maar.." every now and then when he plan any of his terrorist activities.

Iceman said...

one called "Target"
and one more called "The Old Fox"

Angrezi ones... Remember?

Abhishek said...

Indeed an excellent list.
You seem to miss 'Teen Varsh'. I liked that a lot.:)

rajesh said...

some more -
rajani, baba papa, hum hindustani, sanjha chulha, tasveer ka dusara rukh, tahkeekat, karamchand, rangoli, sunday morning hosting by vinod dua, sansar ( dheeraj kumar's ), saptahiki, chitrahar ( once in a week ), srikant, main dilli hoon, chandrakanta. samandar, star trek, junoon ( on DD metro ).

sandeep said...

can ne one help me get a link for the old DOORDARSHAN Lok seva sanchar parishad song, in which there were torch bearers, running one after the other featuring sporting legends like prakash padukone, kapil dev, pataudi, bhisan singh bedi ...etal plz mail at

Nisith said...

lovely post dude...
My eyes had misted by the time I reached the end of the list.

sandeep said...

Lovely list... I was looking for Sanjha Chulha and you gave me the whole list.. superb man.... gr88 memory and tahnks for recalling all the stuff....

sodawater said...

hello! anybody knows/remembers about this serial called neev... on school life in hostel in panchgani....can someone tell me where to geta link to watch it?!