Monday, September 19, 2005

hmmm...I use hmmm...lot more than I mention here, may b coz I think like this only...hmmmm...
Well, weekend was nice.

** Watched Sarkar on TV, nice movie.
** Watched Sehar on TV, again damn good movie, this Warsi dude can act yaar!!
** Wifey made finger-lickin "kali-mirch" chicken on saturday.
** Larger part of Sunday was spent at Karol Bagh hunting for a B'day gift for bhabhi and for my niece Moozna (my sis's daughter).
** A Princess Barbie doll cost ard 700/- and a lovely white frock costs another 995/-
** Wengers @ CP is still my favorite shop.

and now I'm leaving, have to reach home early, after all today is bhabhi's b'day and she has planned a dinner out.......


Thats me with my nephew (my brother's son) and my niece (my sis's daughter) and when they two meet our home looks like earthquake-hit.

Babbo,me n Moozna


Saltwater Blues said...

hey stone ... nice pic - u lookin very chikna and all :)

cheers mate!

infinity said...

sarkar and sehar...really gud movies...kali mirch chicken...yummm...cute kids...hmmmmmm...

anumita said...

Not a 'stony' pic at all!
Cute kids. Cant imagine having a 700 bucks anorexic doll in our days!

Nupur said...

Wengers - is that the little place they sell those flavoured milk shakes and burgers + sandwiches?

Sarkar I have seen - gr8 movie n havent heard of Sehar. Now shall watchout for its dvd.

And great pic. Totally agree with Anumita - not 'stone'y at all! LOL@anorexic dolls!

Arunima said...


I didn't know Barbie has become this expensive. My God!!

Haven't watched Sehar

Prasad said...

hey.. we've something in common... I use hmmm.. very often like anything.. :)
hey, u look cool in d foto... and resemble an actor.. I guess its Sharad Kapur (the one in Josh movie).. :)
Has anyone told u tht???

B o o said...

700 bucks? Guess I have to start saving from now and dip my hand on Ashu's college fund. After all, Barbie days come before the college days, dont they? Anyway, a very nice photo!

infinity said...

prasad, i think he looks more like sushant singh...:D

Akruti said...

Yup,Sarkar is a nice movie:) and both the kiddos look cute,and with you along them i am sure of the earthquake,hahaha,what say mr.Stone

manuscrypts said...

yup, sehar was a neat movie, and nice soundtrack too.. btw, y u have a strange emotion in the photo..what were u thinking?? :)

Prasad said...

Oh ya.. infinity, I forgot tht guy's name.. i was actually meaning tht guy only.. got confused with sharad kapur..
so stoneji,where is ur reply?? did anyone tell u tht u r a look alike of Sushant Singh??

Mirage said...

Aww cuties!! The kids tht is...!! ;)

Stone said...

@Saltwater Blues:: "Chikna word looks so incomplete without word 'Lukha"..chikna n lukha sounds good :-)

@infinity:: hmmm...cute n VERY naughty kids they r.

@anumita:: gone r the good ole days!!!

@missnupur:: No thats not wengers, That place is called Keventers. Wengers is near to it.

@Arunima:: Well, even I'm amazed how can they charge so much for those stupid dolls. I think one(Princess Barbie) I purchased was particularly expensive; others like Cindrella Barbiew were not that costly.

@boo:: food for thought..isn't it??

@infinity:: Sushant Singh?? nahi yaar...btw he was my senior at college.

@Akruti:: yes yes we all meet, there r earthquakes/hurricanes/tornadoes and wat not :-)

@Manuscrypts:: Nice to know that u too liked the music of the movie!!
Well, that expression was a result of keeping two very very naughty
kids in control. :-)

@Prasadji:: Areey yaar, kabhi Sharad Kapur kabhi Sushant Singh...kya baat kar rahe ho yaar..., I think I must show ur comments to my wife :-)

@mirage:: hahahaha..I know that was for kids only ;-)
btw, how r u doing?

Prasad said...

hahahaaa.. I still have a doubt whether u r the real Sushant Singh ;)
comeon tell us the truth.. :D

Manpreet said...

Nice blog you got out here!!

BTW.. puhlezz don't post about foodie stuff... dilli ki yaad aa jaati hai :(

And yeah, cute kids...!! :)

author by the brook said...

cute ... and have yet to watch Sehar... :)


Stone said...

@Prasad:: Arrey bhai, I'm not Sushant Singh :-)

@Manpreet:: thanks dude, hey come to Delhi, chicken-shicken khaatey hai :-)
Enjoy ur time in Mumbai, w/o bar-girls ;-) ;-)

@Pallavi:: hmm Sehar, like Yahan is a worth-watching types :-)