Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"socha na tha....zindagi aisey phir se mileygee jee neyy ke liye
aankhon ko... pyaas lageygee apne hi aaaaasu... peeneyy... ke... liye"

beautiful words..from beautiful song "Dheere jalna....."

Another two guys who make my kind of musiK and also make to the my list of unlucky but talented people are

1) Sandesh Shandiliya
:His song "Piya Basanti" was soo refreshing...coupled with the lovely video, made it just perfect.
His other notables contributions I can think of now are:: Socha Na Tha, Rules - Pyar Ka Superhit Formula, Chameli, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and of course 'Piya Basanti' ...kahe sataye aaja :-) love this song :">

2) MM Kreem
: When I first heard him in Criminal, that "tu mile dil khile" song, I thought of him as one film wonder..or one song wonder, and then came "Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin" and that erased my all doubts abt his calibre.

Since then I never missed any of his songs
be it Criminal, Zakhm, Sur, Jism, Saaya, Rog and now my current favorite "Paheli" :-)

Ismail Merchant(1937 -2005) and Sunil Dutt(1929-2005)...may their soul rest in peace!


Anonymous said...

sandesh and Kreem both provide a refreshing music certainly.

I am also a big fan of both of these guys.

runa said...

Nice to see someone else who liked the tracks of "is raat ki subah nahi" and actually remembered long enuf to mention abt it. :)

Sangeeta said...

i also love the song from is raat ki subah nahi..and jaadu hai..from jism...
i keep humming them all the time

Akruti said...

Absolute delights,Piyabasanti is anytime fav for me,nothing ot beat the song,chitras voice:)) and i love all the songs mentioned here:)

anumita said...

Good taste! Good taste! Like these guys too!

Smiling Agony said...

Yeah !! Piya Basanti was one great song - Is Raat ki subah nahin was too -

and how about phir teri kahani yaad aayi - " Badalon mein chup raha hai chand kyon " and " Aane wala pal" - Kumar Sanu at his best.

Some real soothing stuff !!

Bye and take care

Stone said...

@Anon/Amit :-) ::: I knew it dude I knew it :-)
@Runa:: Music of "Iss raat ki subah nahi" is simply awesome. Thanks for passing by.
@Sangeeta:: hmmm....Shreya rocks :-), I love "Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale" too
@Akruti:: Chitra's voice actually enhances Nauheen Cyrausi's innocence ;-)
@Anumita:: Thank you, Thank you :-)
Shantanu:: True song u mentioned are damn good, but this post was abt in continuation of my earier post abt my types of performers.

manuscrypts said...

MM Kreem gets easily inspired ;)

Confuzzled said...

songs of chameli were good and the song yaara rab from soch na tha is good too.

Pallavi said...

my fav now is Zeher's song..

Smiling Agony said...

Oops !! Sorry !! Didn't knew ! Went through that post contains few of my favorites too -
Boondein -- Silk Route
Nahi saamne tu -- Taal
Tujh se naraaz nahi zindagi -- Masoom
Tumse kitna pyaar hai -- Company

And nice to know someone else loves comics so much !! I have read almost all the characters and series of Diamond comics and lotpot - and Nandan and Balhans and Champak and Chandamama and Entire Raj comics you know action heroes like Nagraj, Dhruv, Parmanu and stuff - I AM STILL CRAZY ABOUT THEM - but they have become so expensive and diamond comics has just disappeared - I still buy them from the railway stands on journeys along with Ruskin Bond and Archies

Truly Great taste !!

runa said...

Hey..just got the songs of paheli....they are heartwrenching to say the least...especially..."khali hain tere bina" and i love "kangna re" for the beautiful lyrics and the quick twists and turns of the rhythm.

btw...just wanted to add to that list of nice albums..."zakhm"

shub said...

heyyyyyyyy! how was wifey's budday?

Arunima said...

I completely agree with you. Need to hear Socha na tha.

good music is comning back again I feel.oflate there has been so many good musics.

I really like "ish raat ki subah nahi". Chup tum raho number and also "tere mere naam naye hain, ye dard puraana hain" wah wah wah!!

Stone said...

@Manuscrypts:: specially from Rehman and Illayraja :-)
@Confuzzled:: Specially "Bhigee Hui Koi" :-)
@Pallavi:: somehow I find didn't it good, infact i feel its "substandard".
@Shantanu:: :-)
@runa:: Songs of paheli are AWESOME. I love "dheera jalna" and "kangna re" , minnat kare..and of course "khali hain tere bina" :-)
@shub:: AWESOME :-)
@Arunima:: Try to watch the Movie(Socha na tha) first before listening to music.

runa said...

Hey stone...have u ever heard the songs from Phir Milenge....beautiful lyrics and the music is really subtle and contemporary

Stone said...

@runa: "Jeene ke isshare" stands out..guitar is too good in that.

Arun said...

somehow i reached this blog.......... certainly your tastes are very similar to that of mine. All those... Zakhm, chup tum raho... mere tere naam...gosh they are just tooo good. its really unfortuate that mm kareem is so under-rated.
On the top of it... Chitra is certainly great.. i wonder why dont i get to listen her voice so often.

a few other songs i like are ... bahon ke darmiya, phir teri kahani..., Aawaz to humko, chitthi na koi, pyar ko ho jaane do.. (Dushman).

Arun said...

forgot to mention ... chitra's lamho ki yeh raatein (Takshak)...