Thursday, May 05, 2005


I'm missing :-(
  • Champak
  • Chacha Chaudhary
  • Nandan
  • Paraag
  • Chanda-mama
  • Madhu-Muskan
  • Billo-Pinky
  • Lotpot
  • Rajan-Iqbal
  • Lambu-motu
  • Phantom
  • Mendrek
  • Twinkle
  • Suman-Saurabh

My type of performers among the current crop...

I call them highly talented and highly unlucky actors;

  • Sonali Kulkarni
  • Hrishitaa Bhat :">
  • Namrata Shirodkar
  • Gracy Singh
  • Perizaad Zorabian
  • Jimmy Shergill
  • Sanjay Suri
  • Rahul Bose
  • Milind Soman
my playlist::
  • Chup tum raho..chup hum rahe hai... -- Is raat ki subah nahi
  • Boondein -- Silk Route
  • Tu hi re tu hi re... -- Bombay
  • Nahi saamne tu -- Taal
  • Paani Paani -- Maachis
  • Tujh se naraaz nahi zindagi -- Masoom
  • Pyaar yeh jaane kaisa hai -- Rangeela
  • Sach mere yaar hai -- Saagar
  • Tumse kitna pyaar hai -- Company
  • Waqt ne kiya -- Kagaaz ki phool.

and...I'm loving it!!!


Akruti said...

Ok,Chacha Chaudhary, Champak, Chanda-mama, Twinkle,Phantom, And superman also:)))) and how abt Suppandi??
Hmmm,Jimmy Shergil, Gracy, Perizaad, Sanjaysuri, Rahul,Milind..

and lovelyyyyyyy songs:)
good going stoneji,lageraho:)

shub said...

I'd add Akshaye Khanna to that list too! :-)
i doubt u call can call Perizaad n Rahul Bose(****droooool*) unlucky...they're picking n choosing i guess...

Parth said...

I wouldn't call Perizaad Zorabian highly talented. 'Tumse Kitna Pyaar' from Company is largely copied from 'Dil Ke Armaan Aansoon mein'. I used to love Amar Chitra Katha as a kid. Really fun reading that list of publications :-)

Nupur said...

Hmmm... Jimmy Shergil is nice and I agree with Shub about Akshaye Khanna.

Those songs --- I swear they are exactly the ones I like except the Saagar and company one.
That Chup tum raho song.... I have spent so many nights listening thru my little walkman during my year 10 (I think!). beautiful song........

Arunima said...

I still read Tinkle Comics.

Like all your songs. I have a huge list myself. Idea for a post!!

manuscrypts said...

superman/spiderman/batman.. not happening?? :)

Sangeeta said...

I still read Tinkle Comics..but Im missing Mandrake, Rip Kirby and Flash Gordon big time..know where to find em?
The song Chup tume raho...figures in my list of favourites too

Stone said...

@Akruti:: Suppandi?? yeh kya hai??
@shub:: Akshaye Khanna :-O..which version with hair or w/o hair??
@Parth:: Perizaad Zorabian ko kuch mat kaho yaar :">...well, I feel her best is yet to come.
@missnupur:: watz ur take on AK ...with hair or w/o hair??
@Arunima:: Oh yaa its Tinkle..I spelled it as Twinkle B-(
@manuscrypts:: nope, only original hindi ones :-)
@Sangeeta:: Chum tum raho is immortal, always there on my playlist.

Pallavi said...

Definitely Chacha Choudhury.. Supandi..

adityavpratap said...

How about novels by Col. Ranjit about Maj. Balwant?
Amar Chitra Katha and Indrajal Comics were my favs.

The Comic Project said...

in case you are interested in the online version of phantom (indrajal)..visit
Your blog came up when I was checking out the search references

sanjay said...

adityavpratap hi,
even I miss the novels by Col. Ranjit. Do you have any idea from where I can buy them, hv searched a lot. I was under the impression that they were published from Hind Pocket books but no clue.

sanjay said...

has somebody heard this song, 'you are beutiful' by James Blunt