Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm always searching for s o m e t h i n g..I don't know what :-(
Contenders:: Chappell/Patil/Amarnath/Moody.
On second thoughts:: Chappell/Amarnath.

well hmmmm....finally I feel Chappell is the right guy for the job but u never know selectors might end up with Jimmy after all "someone" rightly said.."They are a bunch of jokers" ;-)

Whenever someone asks me I shot back..
"How are you?" "I'm fine, thank u, how r u?"
"Ki haal chaal"... "Wadiya"

"Kaise ho"... "main bilkul theekh hun, aap kaise ho"
"Howz life?" ..... "good"

I hate it when autopilot takes hold of my actions.

I hate it when people end (or start) the conversation with "Aur batao"... Damn it..aur kya bataon yaar....


shub said...

hey what bout Deano?! He was campaigning bigg time on ndtv the other day!
aur bataao...

Pallavi said...

What about " So whats up ?"


I hate : "Guess who I am " while talking on the phone..

Parth said...

Poor Dean Jones :-) Where the hell did Amarnath come from? I thought if at all, Wadekar might be considered since he has previous experience (no phenomenal success though)