Thursday, May 19, 2005

~Edited Post~

Today at 8.05 pm, the time and date would be "2005 2005 2005"

How cool is that?
Meet the new COACH....Greg Chappell
New Boss
I'm soooo happy, atlast BCCI took some sensible decision :-)

Try songs of movie "Socha na tha" but only after watching the me both movie n its music is worth giving a shot.


shub said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy NEAT! that beats 5th May,2005 5.05 by a mile and a half!

Debalina said...

now thats cool enough !

Anonymous said...

Greg Chappell is the next coach to team india and it seems the he would pick up from exactly where John wright left,all and all it should be a good decision for india.

Well we still need a guy who can control ganguly a bit and just not let him pick any nonsense. Lets hope chappell does that.

I have heard he is a very technology oriented guy and not to forget he is an all-time great cricketer[18th on the list of all time test averages],so we should be honoured to have him.

Smiling Agony said...

The background of Mr. Greg doesn't matter as long as he clicks for the team - John Right was no legendary player but he clicked - Mr. Greg needs to do just that
bye and take care

Sangeeta said...

Im blogrolling u

Anonymous said...

well I know John wright wasnt a great player but he has some phenomenal innings in his career including the one in World cup 1992

manuscrypts said...

hmmm, so u think greg will click...

Pallavi said...

hopefully he clicks

Nupur said...



I'm not into cricket any more.. but if he helps the players's losing streak then I'm happy to hear that he's been appointed!


Liked the movie and songs are great too! :D