Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend TV

Federer almost toyed with Roddick, though I knew Federer will win but I'm disappointed by Roddick's attitude on the court, I think he lost the match in his head long before he stepped on the court.

Still, Federer is the best, if not the greatest.
I loved the semis more specially Roddick-Thomas Johansson one, and I favoured Tommy, for becoming first Swede since (my all time favourite) Edberg to reach Wimbledon semis, and also coz' he uses exactly same racket as mine.
Ladies final, the longest in The Championships' history, was much more gripping and was played with visible intensity, though world no#1 Davenport lost but I still feel she is the best player around, her down-the-line shots are unmatched. She is full of determination n grit under her dreamy/detached demeanor.

And also our own Bhupathi along with a-very-fit Mary Pierce won the mixed doubles with ease, it always feels great to see any of these Lee or Hesh winning, even if not together.

England deserved to win the Natwest trophy no matter what, even when 35 were required off 29 balls and Gough-Giles in middle, I was pretty confident abt a famous English win, Gough-Giles played perfectly to the script before McGrath spoiled the party, anyways with this 'tied' match, now one thing is confirmed, Aussies are no longer the undisputed champs.

And full marks to Geraint Jones, he totally justified his selection over Chris Read. In all this tournament belonged to Symonds and Collingwood, these two guys are just brilliant in all aspects of game, and India needs exactly someone like them.
Well, this weekend my blog turned 1.
I never thought I'll be able to post 'posts' for full one year....and now after 105 posts I'm far from being bored from blogging; I started with daily diary type entries and dunno when they become interactive :-)
In other words, I completed one of year of blog hopping and enjoyed each and every minute spent in blogsville.

It was my dad's 60th b'day on sunday, no we guys don't celebrate as such, nor we did anything special, infact I don't talk too much with dad or with anyone else (wifey included) and most of the time when we talk either of us end up irritated, and now sometimes I answer him back, I hateeeeee myself for that. I promise, won't do that again, will keep my mouth SHUT no matter what. I feel guilty for lot many things/ for not doing lot many things, unlike my brothers and sister I'm yet to do anything 'special' to make him proud of me, and trouble is that I know what will make him happy and proud, and that makes my relationship with him bit more complicated, and I end up more frustrated with myself......bas bahut ho gaya...I’m not supposed to be emotional here :-)


shub said...

about ur dad...aww... >:D<

and bang on about davenport...
and most importanttly...STEFAN EDBERG WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ;D :D ;D whatta player, whatta guy! :) :) :) twas a good match, thje roddick-johannson semis!

Arunima said...

A very honest ending. He must already be proud of you. Dads often don't say it. Trust me.

Smiling Agony said...

Yeah ! I watched both with my brother - he likes it - and have to believe it - both roddick and the doubles pair - they lacked in spirit - their body language was really loose - the doubles match was a real throwaway.

Won't like to comment on the other part right now.

Bye and take care

Akruti said...

One year of bloggin:) happy birthday bloggie.And relationship between dads and sons is always complicated,they love eachother somuch wont show it,ego clashes hard in middle of love.But at the end Love wins,doesnt it:) takecare

Mirage said...

Hey Happy Blogging Anniversary! Hope I get to complete a year too and not get bored too soon!

Oh and like Arunima said, Dads hardly mention if theyre proud of u, which they are actually! I dunno why but that's how it is! So quit feeling blue! :)

Nupur said...

Happy b'day to ur blog!!
Happy b'day to ur DAD!!

And saw Waqt last night.... sons and dads!! Hmm..... aww! I don't know what to say!

feedo said...

Watching Roddick was like watching Sania Mirza. Both of em realized they were up against the best and sort of put up a half-fight. Still, watching tennis at that level reminds me of the reason I dont play it anymore..its just too darn competitive!

Pallavi said...

happy bloggie birthday !! :)

BoyJoy said...

This is great - one year! I didn't even notice! We both almost started together - remember we two had the best cubes in the entire office :)

And - happy birthday to your Dad - i am sure - he is proud of you - he only doesn't say that - becasue after all we men don;t have the courage to accept that we are proud of anyone else other than ourselves ;)