Thursday, December 28, 2006

-- boss is on leave
-- parking lots are emptier,
-- trees don't have a leave left
-- next-desk colleague 'who-keeps-his-left-eye-on-my-screen' is working from home...
-- office front desk flooded with cookies n chocolates
-- a deadline to meet, but no mood to work.
-- as usual, 'm distracted,
-- thinking about spending next month back home doing nothing :-)
-- Weather Gods are doing some sort of experiment, it drizzles in morning, in noon sun shines at its best, in evening again drizzling resumes, and in night drizzling becomes rain n lots of rain accompanied with high-speed winds making howling sounds whole night..or till the time I sleep.

-- n I'm wasting time,
-- moments of nothingness
Or hmmm...ahhh......dunno.........crap!!!


shub said...

same here, office mein koi nahi hai, jsut two others apart from me, and that too they're in anohter room!

Mirage said...

Its the holiday season dude!! Smiiiile...n spread the cheer!

Ok i'm beginning to sound lk Santa Claus now... but just remember to chill dude!

Happy New Year!!!

Alapana said...

Happy wala new year hain ji:) aur aapke liye mere blog pe ek msg hain:)

Arunima said...

Then, wish you a very happy new year. :-)