Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm delighted to see myself tagged by Arunima ..atlast got some thing to write :-) ....though I'm sure it'll turn out to be as boring as re-runs of 'krishi-darshan'.
Deleted my orkut profile, was kinda bored of it, and I think its for lot younger generation, as none of my school/college/pg time friend is active there, probably they too have found it boring/kiddish.
Completed 7 years at work :-) ,and I'm happy about it :-)
I feel major factor behind success of LRMB is the major-failure(in terms of mass expectations) of KANK.
If you are following 1993 Bombay blast trials and you've not seen 'Black Friday', then you are surely missing something.
Corruption, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, crime, reservations, terrorism, pathetic health-care, riots, scams, overloaded judicial system etc etc...list of our problems are unending with no solution in sight, things are getting worse from bad.
Common man doesn't want to fight the corrupt system; infact is busy in making his ends meet and rightly so!!

All above mentioned problems are inter-woven, and if one digs further into each of them, why so much corruption/poverty etc etc...The root cause comes out to be is our ever-increasing POPULATION.

Everybody knows this but there is no law for curbing it, and here I feel common man can chip in by following a one-child policy for a better tomorrow, for inheriting a better India to the next generations!!


Prasad said...

oh.. u deleted ur orkut profile?? no wonder i couldn't locate u when i tried to y'day...
thts sooo sad.. u could have atleast retained it.. if not used it..

Congrats on completing 7 yrs.. so, u r now climbing up the ladder fast.. me jus completed 4 yrs last month.. :)

And as for the population is concerned, i feel the ppl who r educated n r in the cities still follow the one child or two children policy.. but we've to educate the ppl who r in the villages not getting any proper education.. And as u said, its definitely due to population.. if we had less no.of ppl like in Australia or some other country, the government could do lots of things for the ppl...

Stone said...

@Prasad:: Congrats to you too on completing 4 yrs :-)

Ya, u r right abt the orkut thing, even wifey gave me the same advise, but I was kinda bored :-)

As u said, city people r following 2 child-policy, EXACTLY thats what I oppose why 2 children, why not 1 child.
If one really wants to raise two kids than we already have overflowing orpanages, one can easily adopt a child from there too. Afterall a child is a child and deserves his/her share of love/warmth/security and childhood!

All I wanna say is, atleast educated people should stick to one-child policy, even that'll bring a lil change in days to come.

manuscrypts said...

is there a professional 7 year itch? :)

shub said...

oi!! how long has it been since u checked your email listed here?

Arunima said...

I went for a Medical Camp and came back with the same feelings.

Would love to read your answers.

Alapana said...

Congratulations on completion of sever yrs.i will be completing sever yrs myself on october 16th:)
I recreated a new orkut account:) i deleted it once before.You should have kept it just like that.
I would go for two children,one whom i will adopt and before getting married i asked my hubby about this and when he said yes then i agreed for the wedding;p
I am not willing to watch LRMB either,donno why.

Anonymous said...

The problem has been rightly identified... but it aint so easy to find a solution to it. Coz india's probs are inter-related. There's more pop'n because there's illiteracy and thats because there's poverty and thts cz there's unemployment n tht agen brings us bak to pop'n coz there are more ppl n less jobs. So where shud one start??

Anyway, congrats on completing 7 yrs! Wish ya all the success! :)


Stone said...

@@manuscrypts:: hmm..ya sort of!!!

@@shub:: Which email are u talking abt, and email listed here is my yahoo one and I check it after every half an hour !!

@@Arunima:: Howz ur health now? Yep, will do the tag soon, don't wanna do it just for the sake of doing!!

@@Aalapana:: Wow, thats quite a coincidence, me completing 7yrs on 16th Sep and you on 16th Oct. :-)
Somehow I never liked this orkut thingy concept!
And hats off to you and your hubby for having such noble thoughts, we need more people like you!!
And go for LRMB, its good timepass :-)

@@Mirage:: Yep, thats what I said all problems are inter-related, but root cause is ever-growing POPULATION; so there should be law for stopping it. And unfortunately no political party will ever come forward with a proposal for passing a new law!
Its foolish to wait for someone else to do it for us, if a normal educated man can't fight the system then atleast should follow one-child policy!!
One step at a time, and I'm sure some change will occur!
"Issi andhre sey hi nikalgee ujaale ki kiran...magar shart hai ke hum sab koshish kare!!!"

Alapana said...

Sirji,you have been tagged:)