Thursday, November 18, 2004

Good Bad Ugly.

Good ::
  • Yahoo people increased my mailbox size to 250MB from 100MB.
  • Current project is almost complete.
  • Hopefully Dada won't be playing against SA :-)
Bad ::
  • Lunch.
Ugly ::
  • A red Hyundai Accent stopped at the signal and a Bipasha Basu look-alike dame opened the "Door" and dropped countless empty plastic bottles, used plastic cups, polybags etc etc on the road. Disgusting.


manuscrypts said...

me thinks u shd write the part till "door" in 'good' and the rest in 'ugly'.. ;)

Parii said...

LOL I guess you got to take the good with the bad with the ugly every day. (Is that why some people go to rave parties?)

Pallavi said...

hahahah !!! I am sure it was .. its like a handsoem dude with a bad speech problem

Arunima said...

mine too bad lunch