Tuesday, November 30, 2004

List of listssss....

Off course they were/are among the best in the business, so it will stupid of me to even dare to write about their prowess; how idiotic of me to talk about intensity of eyes of Bachchan sahab, his comic timing, his depiction of 'Vijay' in immortal Deewar....Shakss....I'm almost into committing the crime of writing about these stalwarts.

Here it goes....

1) My favourite all-time "Heros"
Dev Anand
Amitabh Bachchan
Shahrukh among current bunch.

2) My favourite all-time "SHEros"
Nutan Aunty
Jaya Bhadhuri
Priety Zinta :">

3) Actresses I Hate
Mala Sinha
Reena Roy
Mallika Sehrawat

4) My favourite Villains
Prem...Prem Chopra
Madan Puri
Ranjeet :-)

5) Most annoying "dubbed" songs
"telephone dhhun mein hasne waali"
"Nach lachak kar naach..." from dalpati

6) Most spontaneous actors
Om Prakash
Moti Lal
Sanjeev Kumar

7) Who made me laugh
Johny Walker
Om Prakash
Keshto Mukherjee :-)

8) Ham-sters
Rajesh Khanna
Rajendra Kumar

9) Best-choreographed songs
"Nigaahey millaney ko ji chahata hai"
"Mohe panghat par nand lala ched gaye reyy... "
"Chhaiya- chhaiya.."

10) Favorite music directors
S.D Burman
Laxmikant Pyaarelal
R.D Burman

11) Lyricist
Majrooh Sultanpuri

12) Directors
Mani Ratnam
Guru Dutt
Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Yash Chopra

13) Films
Dil se


Akruti said...

Almost to the point,is it not,well written,and yes,the most annoyed dubbed songs r apt.huh,how i hated them.and i blogrolled u r site.

Parth said...

Finally a true-blue Bollywood fan. Can't tell you how happy I am. I am frustrated with a lot of anti-Bollywood crap that I have to put up with. Also, I am an SRK fan. I should try making a list like this sometime, but given the number of movies I have seen and like, it is practically impossible

manuscrypts said...

argggh!! a shah rukh fan!! :(

Arunima said...

good list!

Stone said...

@Neelima: Thanks for linking me. :-)

@Parth: Great to find another bollywood and SRK -fan :-) , me too happy to know you.

@Manu: Dear sir, look above, I'm not the only one :-)

@Arunima: Thank you :-)