Thursday, February 10, 2005

Among many topics I wanna write on

  • Career crushes
  • Kismat Karma and Butter Chicken {don't read too much into it, even I dunno wat all comes under this}
  • Small 'lil' things that make me smile.
  • Current Dilemma {bluudy its like going round n round like a flea-inflicted dog chasing its tail}


Feeling like hitting someone soo fiercely on his mouth so that his teeth fall off and I end up with lacerated, blood-stained fist.


Note to self:: the word.


boyjoy said...

you hit the nail on the head...
do it - i am with u...won't even wash my hands after that :D

Akruti said...

Ok,wont read into too much,butter chicken and karma,ya its the karma of the poor chicken:)
hmm,go on and hit ur enemy whom u have{do u have any}
but i think it will make u smile when u write abt the lil things which make u smile,and i will also smile:) reading it

Anonymous said...

You know what you should do, take a paper, write all the crap you can think of, spill your brain out ... (actually this is what the blog is for, but I guess you aint very comfy doing it here, 20 people reading it ...), when you are done writing, and you can not think of anything else to write about, and when you are done abusing and bitching, tear that paper up ...

sure shot way to release the steam! give it a try!! Just give it a try!!

- Kiddo

manuscrypts said...

hope u have a definite person in mind ;).. happy v-day

Parii said...

Why do you want to hit someone and end up hurt yourself? Spread a little love instead, it will feel nicer when it comes back to you :-)

Happy valentine's day :-)

Stone said...

@boyjoy:: I know I can always count on you, my partner in crime :-)

@Neelima:: Yes, I've mannnnny enemies, 'ek sheesha hai ke har pathar se takrata hoon main ;-)'

@Kiddo:: hmmm, so kiddo is growing up, lemme add up to ur theraphy, "after tearing down the paper burn it and dog a 3 ft. deep pit and dump the ashes into it" :-)

@manuscrypts:: Ohh yes, I'm clear about my goals, but that person escaped to US , last night.

@Aekta:: Okie okie, point taken, will spread loveeeeee all around ;-)

Happy V-Day frendz!!, enjoy!

Arunima said...

lights camera action!!!!

Stone said...

@Arunima:: Cut....!! changed my mind :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy...dunno what made u this mad...but it reminded me of an episode of caroline in the city where richard wanted to sell his car for $500 and charlie was trying to make a deal for "$20 and u can punch my face as hard as you want".
take care.

Pallavi said...

POW OWOW for that.. go for it ... LOLOL hope you are feeling better !!

Akruti said...

ok,ok,point noted,u still in punching mood,when will we see the new post:) me coming here daily:(((

manuscrypts said...

have heard of at least a couple of guys who have a score to settle with US citizens ;)

jane said...

BOY!.. there's nothing more gratifying than violence... :D.. to relieve ur nerves!!