Thursday, February 03, 2005

now, its getting seriously boring...and tiring; reading blogs is also not helping; chatting is the most boring thing that one can indulge into; and for a change I switched off my phone n that worked for me.

yestderday had an awful experience, actually we a group of four went to nearby pizza hut for lunch and ordered a pitcher of pepsi along with other stuff, till the very end everything was perfect, tandori-murg pizza never tasted the end we found a FLY , yes a damn dead fly floating in the bottom of pitcher, and all hell break loose my friends gave sound verbal thrashing to the manager, all this spoiled the fun. Obviously they didn't charged us anything, and also sent a bouquet n a large pizza in the evening to our office. but we returned both.


04-02-05, Friday.Its a beautiful Friday morning, and I'm loving it. on way to work, waved to school-going lil boy, he smiled and waved back, it was beautiful.

my profile page shows wrong posts count, it says 42 though count is much more than that. dunno watz wrong with it, any ideas??


shub said...

yest on the way back..all grumpy in the a signal i waved to a lil boy too...and he waved back!! that jus made my ride back home so beautiful!! :D :D :D numbers...same prob here too!!! much to comment on here!!!
didn't PH send u a pepsi bottle free too ;o) ??

Akruti said...

Hmm,bored,then better do something which u love to do and which ppl find ridiculous or silly,but dont give a damn to what they say,listen to urself,and u will feel good,try it:)
and ya,it is beautiful,life's simple exp always make us smile isn't try and reachout for that simplicity.
hehehe,my profile page is showing the same past 2 months:(((( kyakare

Debalina said...

I am going through the same phase. Bored of chatting, bored of reading blogs..nothing comes up in mind to post a blog. switched off cell and switched off the tv.
was about to switch of the comp..but thought of reading blogs..and I checked urz..!

Arunima said...

And here I don't have time to read blogs also. boo hoo.

Stone said...

@Shub:: Hi Shub, you know what, today again the pizza hut manager came to meet apologize and their regional head also called and will come tomorrow to meet us :-)

@Neels:: Hi Neels, thank you soooo much buddy, is beautiful.

@Debalina:: Hi Debalina, no worries, its just passing phase, go out and reach for happiness, as I did ;-)

@Arunima:: Ma'am, at least u have hands full of work, that is the best thing.

Pallavi said...

hahaha i got a cockroach part in my side salad in Casa Piccola.. and well I took their trip since I was a regular customer there and never touch the salad again but they are also careful in serving me now... he he !! happens I guess on a bad day... :)

Stone said...

@pallavi:: but this feeling of having consumed contanimated stuff is DISGUSTING, today 3 people(reginal head, zonal head and one more person) from pizza hut came to meet us, they again apologized and again asked us to visit them again.