Friday, April 29, 2005

Still not in ‘posting-mode’

Dunno what to post as such…though much has happened in-between.
Wifey went back to her hometown to resume her work.
Hmm…we purchased four movies but could watch just one together, rest are still lying in nicely sealed packs.
Made breakfast for everybody on Sunday.

Current interest:: roasted namkeens with lots of apple juice.

Me thinking:: ouchhh today my seat seems to be extraordinarily hard.


shub said...

:) nice to always read ur posst! :)

Akruti said...

Hmm,still not in a mood?? hmm,ok,i understand.dont ask me what i understood:D Keep posting,keep posting,me comes here daily.By the way can we have a chatterbox here so that i can play with it daily:))))

manuscrypts said...

ah, maybe its time to get up and get moving..:)

Stone said...

Thanks shub :-)

Neelima okie I won't ask wat u understood :-) but I'm too lazy to play around with template or to add chatterbox, hmmmm..why don't u do it for me pleaaseeee..i'll give my password to you :-)

@Manu:: U said it man!!!