Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lets talk about news.....

1) Around a month back there was a news about CBI raid at Chautala's premises, and loads of cash was recovered, and then suddenly this news vanished like anything, no news channel or paper talks aboutt this now......????

2) And not long back, all news channels were flashing every minutest detail about the Shankaracharyas (both Sr. and Jr.) scandal, they flooded us with all sort of information (mostly irrelevant, like how much they slept, how much they ate that day, and other RUBISH,) and today there is no mention abt this scandal anywhere.

3) And how about that Delhi-rape-case, Delhi police claimed that they'll book the all 4 accused in 24 hrs, and till today forget the offenders, they couldn't even trace the vehicles used in the crime, this news was headline of almost all national dailies for 3-4 days and then shifted to 3rd page before vanishing totally.

4) can one forget Mr.Telagi(guy who once spent 90lacs on a bar girl in a single night). where is he? whatz status of that stamp-scandal?

Such list is endless.....Moti Garg case, disappearance of Subroto Roy, or Anjali something girl who was court-martialed, Delhi MMS case, Some revelations about match-fixing by Jaywant Lele and this latest 65-war plans leak case.

Each day media flashes a new "jazzy" news and keep on repeating it after every 2 mins....but where is the follow up? or shall I say WHO CARES?

Did I tell, I banged my car into the gate last night, and I did this second time in past 4 months, last time it resulted in scratches and this time a big dent accompanied scratches :-(


shub said...

bang on target!
the media hypes it up, sensationalises it so they can sell more newspapers/get more viewership on their channels...once something new comes along, novelty wears off, and tehy pursue some other bit of news! only fi tehy had some resposiblity, they'd actually follow up on the status!

manuscrypts said...

even news has an expiry date ....

Parth said...

Welcome to the world of 24 hour news channels with no credibility or sincerity. They are going to show whatever captures your eyeballs and attention.