Thursday, June 23, 2005

Phases of love :-)

Just got this email forward....and this is coooool :-)



Arunima said...

lol. don't take it seriously mate.

Pallavi said...

LOLOL funny

manuscrypts said...

stone (2nd row, 1st from left) :p

romila said...

:) Cute icons of the phases of love. Loved the last one.

Nupur said...

*looks innocent!*
Is L.A.M. too big to fit into that square??!

Surinder said...

: )) ..

is that experience talking ??!! :D

Stone said...

@Arunima:: :-) , its for others ;-)
@Pallavi:: :-)
@manuscrypts:: .....Love engraved in stone ;-)
@romila:: hahahaha, now I know the reason behind ur infrequent posts :-)
@missnupur:: interesting perspective i must say!!
@Surinder:: well..was just pondering over the future!

Candy said...

Loll i love the post before this one ;)

Mirage said...

Hehe!! That was fun! Esp the last one! ;)