Monday, August 29, 2005

R n a d m o

Weekend, was good fun, spent good time sleeping and watching television :-)
Ashes is going English way..... :-)

On Saturday, for the first time used Metro for going to Connaught Place, its was sooooo good going it that way, in 30 mins flat I was standing in the middle of CP, it felt soo good, I went there after a long long time, and in this mall culture, CP is still my favorite shopping place, it always brings back lots of memories :-) there is hardly any shop where I've not been to.

Life is a movie.
You are the hero.
Give it a happy ending.

sometimes I wannna grow long hair... like Mark Robinson had some years ago, and also waana sport a beard…..thick beard, and the problem is that I don't have patience :-(

for a change I'm sporting a French beard ..after a long long time ;-), dunno how long it will last, may b 2 days?? :-)

Its 121/4 in 35 overs, Kaif just gone after making 65 off 122 balls, damn are we playing against world champions?? can't they maintain a strike rate of 75-80?? , bludy they all now play to cement their place for next match, that’s it. they r struggling against an attack which went for 397(44 overs) in their last match !! and next man in is Dhoni, damn after 4 down our wicketkeeper comes to bat, where are the batsmen??

and I won't b surprised if Mr.Chappel resigns after Videocon cup.


Parth said...

We are lucky we won. And indeed, any team other than Zimbabwe would have screwed us. I am glad I didn't spend money buying the package to see this series

Handa said...

life is a movie called "the hero" and it ends on a fucking sad note :P

Anonymous said...

Post of a pic yours naaa


Mirage said...

That is one fab quote!

Long hair n a beard?? No offence, but u might look as if u've got bk from a very long trek in the mountains!

Pallavi said...

Good to know that you had a nice weekend .. I am trying to catch up on movies after my 15 days of absence from Bangalore.. LOL

Crazy_Joy said...

Hey Dude!!! You banned me from posting on your CBox??? :O You sure??? You don't want me there??? :) Anyways - was here. When did the Metro to CP start?????

I am missing Delhi yaar!!!!!