Monday, September 05, 2005

Restraining myself from writing a sad-sad post, and successful till now.
no worries, I won't write anything depressing, and now I don't want to.

Well, Mondays are always special whether I accept it or not.

Today, had small argument with boss, who also happens to be VP of the company. well, it was abt taking leaves and stuff.
In my 6 years @ work, and I've always followed my a simple funda abt leaves... "Bina reason ke leave na lo, and jab zarorri hai tab leave zaroor lo".

Watched 'Iqbal' on Friday night, it’s lovely movie, I enjoyed it, specially Naseeruddin Shah's part.

Went to Amritsar on Saturday morning and came back on Sunday night.
Had great time there;

Loved each moment spent with my twin nephews there.


Mirage said...


Take care!

Akruti said...

Yes, if no worries then "BE HAPPY" Hope everything is fine:) takecare

Nupur said...

Totally agree with you abt the leave!! And havent heard of 'Iqbal'..guess I'll keep as eye out for its dvd.
Twins!! Cute! :)

You take care mate!

Pallavi said...

hope you are feeling better now.. and yep I have yet to check up Iqbal..

and twin nephews... wow.. would give anything to have twins...

Stone said...

@Mirage:: :-) Hi, how are you??

@Akruti:: Yes, I'm happy now, its all in the mind, thanks and u too take care n I'll wish u tomorrow :-)

@missnupir:: hmm..Iqbal is a must watch, nice movie in times of mindless trashes; btw howz ur back now? Did u find any yoga teacher?

@Pallavi:: I'm feeling bhery bhery alive and kicking right now, like a true Gemini me too suffer from extreme mood swings :-)

Prasad said...

hey.. even i wanted to watch Iqbal.. might watch when its dvd comes out..