Wednesday, March 22, 2006

..without reason...nothing..blank....silent....just like that......

"dil ko kyaa ho gayaa Khudaa jaane
kyon hai aisaa udaas kyaa jaane

kah diyaa mainne haal-e-dil apanaa
is ko tum jaano yaa Khudaa jaane "

..they say..happiness is 'relative' me seems to be a distant one.


We lost, shameful manner again. Earlier we relied on Dravid to save a match, and now we expect him to win it....thats it I guess.


I'm not sad or depressed :-)




Mirage said...

Feeling whimsical, are we?! :)

Take care

Saltwater Blues said...

hey stone, how u doin brother? from the photos you seem to be havin' a great time in the Land of Plenty! ... and ur lookin' good too :)

warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Badal cham cham baras rahen hain....Tum akele nahi udaas yahan
keh di hamne apni, baki tum jaano ya...

Stone said...

@mirage:: hahaha..happens sometimes..with everyone :-)

@SwB:: Good to hear from bro, land of plenty is so far so good...but India is the BEST :-)

@anon:: who is this?