Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another list

Yesterday I made my baseball debut....of watching baseball game at stadium, went to McAfee Coliseum in Oakland to witness opening night of new season, first game was between New York Yankees and Oakland A's.
Stadium was full with capacity crowd of around 35,000 spectators, atmosphere was electric, everybody cheering for their team, n favorite players.
Thanks to my collegues Tim n Ryan who took pains of explaining me the rules and regulations of the game.


Here's the incomplete list(can't remember all of them) of movies watched in past 2.5 months (courtesy wifey).


Finding Neverland
Shawshank Redemption
Whole nine yards
The Girl Next Door
Mr. & Mrs Iyer
The Butterfly effect
Forrest Gump
Beautiful Mind
40 years old virgin
Silence of the lambs
There's Something About Mary
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her
A Perfect Murder
The Whole Ten Yards
Love Actually
The Terminal
Hyderabad Blues Part-2
Rang de Basanti
Sleepless in Seattle
15 Park Avenue
Eyes wide shut
Taxi number 9211
Malamaal Weekly
Kate & Leopold
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Being Cyrus


Prasad said...

woww.. seems u've seen all the latest hindi films.. :)
yeah.. some English films r too gud in tht list..
like Shawshank Redemption, Forrestgump, Beautiful Mind...
hmm.. so, u seem to enjoy thr..
and baseball? yeah.. even i used to get confused sometimes with the rules..

have a nice time.. :)

Alapana said...

Out of the looooooooooong list of movies here i watched only 3 of them:( and god knows what was my last movie i watched in the Theater,Huh,i dont even remember which was the last dvd,God life is suddenly all up side down:(

Stone said...

@Prasad:: Yo ma, yeh to partial list , baaki yaad nahi aa rahi. And yes I'm likiing baseball but it comes no where near Cricket :-)

@Alapana:: hahaha, arrey yaha aur kuch karne ko nahi hai, bas din-raat movies dekho bas and best part is that still we don't have a TV at home :-)

Arunima said...

I have also watched most of them yay!!

Stone said...

@Arunima:: Thank God u've not watched them all , coz some of them are total bakwaas.