Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Photo blog started :-)

Well, even after reading this and this, weekend was spent watching Da Vinci Code at nearby multiplex.
Different people have different views abt it, some say Tom Hanks looked totally bored or disinterested or director tried to show too many things in 149 minutes or the movie makes sense only for those who have read the novel.
To me, only thing that made sense was Audrey Tautou.


And at last I've started a photoblog 'Stone Eyes'.


Anonymous said...

nice pics maan... except for the one which has you in it :P.. it is you right?

Ekta said...

yet to see it....this weekend hopefully!
Thx for dropping by my blog!

Stone said...

@Handa:: :-)

@Ekta:: Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)