Tuesday, August 01, 2006

nothing can be more unsettling than a bad dream....and a recurring bad dream..!!


Ekta said...

arre what happened?
arent u sleeping well?
and what kinda bad dream is this!!
Pls try to relax urself during the day...hopefully u wont have anymore recurring bad dream

manuscrypts said...

what have you been upto??

Mirage said...

A recurring nightmare...? That does not sound good man! You must be spooked!

Alapana said...

Dont worry,all will be fine.relax.
Sapne se kya darna dost,jab thak apno ka saath ho,aur khud {khuda} pe bharosa ho kuch nahi hota jo hum nahi chaahenge zindagi mein,karm kiye jao,upar koi hain denewala....jo marji maang lo:)

Stone said...

@@Ekta:: Dunno, sometimes they leave kinda of uneasiness; No worries I'm fine now.

@@Manuscrypts:: Nothing nothing, seriously nothing :-)

@@Mirage:: Sure I was, and trust me thats not a good feeling.

@@Alapana:: Thank you :-)