Monday, March 12, 2007

TV at last!!!

TV, it was never my kind of thing to begin with; and here we spent last 16 months without it and without any regret or sense of missing anything.
In fact, I stayed away from it during our 4 weeks stay at home.

But now, only thing that made me go for it is...World Cup :-)
After spending a long time of 3 days deciding about one, and exhausting myself in whole process of research in terms of features and price, we decided to go for Panasonic 42" LCD.

And today in the store, we took an impulsive decision and bought a "better looking" Samsung 42" Plasma.

Next 45 days are going to be FUN, after that..I don't know what we'll do with that :-)

Btw, Happy Marriage Anniversary Biwi :-)


Alapana said...

BTW,Congratulations for the TV & BIWI;P

Happy wedding anniversary both of you,god bless,have a wonderful life ahead.

Stone said...

@Alapana:: Hi, good to see you here after a long time!!
Thank you so much for the wishes!!

shub said...

arrey just as I got to your blog I was wondering shaadi ke do saal ho gaye kya! And here I see this! :) Congrats, and here's to many many more fabulous years! :-)
Who's your money on for the WC?

Stone said...

Hi Shub,
Thank you! Yes, 2 saal ho gaye :-)

Well, I feel this New Zealand will lift the CUP. I'm serious.