Friday, June 15, 2007

Bad timing..bad luck :-(

Last evening, in elevator was reading all sort of wonderful graffiti etched on walls, and was wondering how people manage to maintain such lovely handwriting and write so long lines in a single go. And out of curiosity took out car-keys tried to poke on wall to see how much strength is needed to scratch and still write 'beautiful-readable' lines, I was too engrossed in my over-analysis, and suddenly elevator stopped at some floor two immaculately dressed prettiest of ladiez barged-in and gave those looks that I’ll never forget!!!

Bad timing..bad luck :-(


~nm said...

That surely is called bad timing and bad luck! Hahaha..I can totally imagine the look on your face and can't stop smiling!

manuscrypts said...

i wonder if mrs.stone reads all these.. you just might getting more looks :)