Monday, September 24, 2007

Wooo hooooooooooooo............we're the WORLD CHAMPIONS :-)

Before start of world cup, I was a total pessimist about our team’s future, normally that either proves me right or pleasantly surprises me.

I was the one who hated this idea of Twenty-20, called it a money-making tamasha, and that first round bowl-out confirmed my belief.

But today, scene is totally different, I'm ecstatic beyond words, beyond limits, instead of having Monday morning blues; I've springs in my feet.

Though I’m not a total convert yet, but won’t mind as long as we are winning and there are no bowl-outs. And a victory against Pakistan is always sweetest :-)

Boyyyy, I’m missing home, missing all that excitement, thrill, meeting friends!!!

After thoughts::
1) What made them chose Afridi as man of tournament?? Umer Gul or Hayden had more compelling case. To me, Gautam Gambhir and RP Singh are the men-of-tournament
2) Mallik’s sheer senseless utterance in post-match presentation about Muslims of world etc etc was totally senseless and uncalled for.


unaiza nasim said...

kabhi ki din baray kabhi ki ratein:)

Stone said...

hey Unaiza C'mon!! I'm sure sure you would've done the same thing!!!

Anyways, thanks ;-)

Parth said...

Ya, good to see us win. To me, the biggest plus is Dhoni's emergence as a captain. I was very impressed.

manuscrypts said...

haha.. how did i guess there would be a post on this? :D

Alapana said...

I am also a convert now:D i watch cricket;p what to do,with a cricket crazy husband i am loosing all the fights over the remote,so now i decided,when you cannot beat them then Join them,now all peace and no fight:P and yup,i watched all the matches and screamed when India won over Aussies and the finals:D see,now you understand why i am called a convert;p

Cuckoo said...

Me being a die-hard [(not soft;)] cricket fan, can understand about your missing home.

Read here about the Twenty-20 win.