Thursday, November 01, 2007


Last evening was one of the times when we were too engrossed in our lives, and seem to be in control of one or all, that very moment GOD decided to tap on shoulder to remind us of HER existence, and "all" is not in our control; Last evening an earthquake of 5.6 on Richter scale, sounds moderate but was powerful struck Bay Area, and what makes it more scary that it was most powerful quake to hit the Bay Area since Loma Prieta in 1989.
It lasted for more than 30 seconds.

It occurred at 8:04pm, I was alone at home busy doing nothing, was busy with purposeless surfing, catching glimpses of GS Warriors - Utah Jazz game on TV occasionally, then suddenly everything started to shake like was damn scary, I rushed out only to see parking lot shades swinging side ways as if they'll collapse any moment. Other people also came out of their houses, dogs were barking, suddenly birds were making weird noises. It’s tough to express the feeling of helplessness, tough to portray that moment of uncertainty.

I'm not ashamed to admit that it took me good half an hour to recover from shock;

I know, on second thoughts, it is easy to dismiss it as one odd experience, and it can happen anytime, anywhere and life goes on!!

As like they say, everything happens for a reason; an hidden reason perhaps......kind a 'reset' button, or indication to redo priorities, or see inside and around and appreciate what you've got.

Strangely, our batting line-up consists of 5 openers, and looks like they all stand a fair chance to feature in same game, now imagine we're 3 down and still Sachin n Sehwag or Ganguly n Gambhir are on crease, will make it look like still openers are operating :-)


All set for 'Jab We Met' tonight!!!


~nm said...

30 seconds is way too long! I was getting goosebumps thinking about it!

shub said...

wow! scary. Glad nothing happened.
yaar yeh word verification hataao. annoying :(

Parth said...

Heard about the earthquake. I was actually in San Francisco until early Monday morning, so seem to have just missed it luckily. Glad to know all is well.

Ekta said...

oh man...a earthquake experience can be quite scary!!
Glad nothing serious happened...touchwood

Stone said...

@@~nm:: same thing happens with me when I recall that moment. All it takes one freaking moment to turn life upside down!!

@@shub:: indeed it was!! yes, will remove that annoyance soon!!

@@Parth:: good you missed that, not a good experience I tell you!!

@@Ekta:: hmm true, thinking abt it makes me a philosopher!!

Metamorphosis said...

I'm really glad you are safe :-) But is an earthquake experience really new for you... I mean I clearly remember Bhuj and Uttar Kashi rocking Delhi. However, this made interesting reading.

Mirage said...

Yikes! 30 seconds! *Shudder* Thank goodness everything's fine.

Jab We Met is soooo cute!!

Stone said...

@@Metamorphosis :: Yes, I was in Delhi during those earthquakes but didn't felt them in this way!!

@@Mirage:: Ohh yes, absolutely loved 'Jab We Met' :-)