Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now the feeling of coming back has started to sink in. But still when some friends or relatives ask “ab kab aaogey” makes thing little tough.

Anyway, part of life. Chalta hai.

First 2 days at court were miserable, I lost on both days, plus buggers (my friends) misplaced my racket, so I had to play with some stupid racket.

Also I’m a bad loser. But yesterday normalcy restored and I won both sets with ease, and also I got my beautiful blue racket back.

It’s been ages since I had my 1-to-1 with my boss, and I really want to talk to him about couple of issues that have been bothering me and have started to affect my personal life as well. Though nothing major but still I feel like making him aware about how I feel about certain things. No worries, will handle it.

Today morning again I got late coz of Ana – Dechy game, it was a fantastic duel that lasted some 3 and half hours, though in end Ana won but she lost some respect as she disputed one of the points won by Dechy at a crucial stage and convinced umpire to go for a “RE”.

These days my brother-in-law is with us, he is here to explore possibilities with some universities for his MS, and he has this amazing quality of killing lyrics ,of any song without even realizing it. Yes any song, he cannot sing a line correctly, wait a line is too big for him; he can’t sing even two words correctly. I don’t know how he manages to bring weird words in between…for example yesterday he was singing “Khoon Chala” from RDB as “Khoon jala” and other day it was “Dheere jalna” from Paheli as “Dheere chalna” .

Its better to say nothing about ongoing Asia Cup.
Boss, yeh kya mazzak ho raha hai, Hongkong, UAE ko kyu bula liya, B’desh kaafi nahi tha kya.


Pallavi said...

All the best with your 1:1.
I am a bad loser too.. hahah.. so I dont play at all.. :)

manuscrypts said...

Imagine if Hong Kong were bad losers ;)

shub said...

"First 2 days at court were miserable, I lost on both days" I actually read that and went- huhhhh! Stone is now a LAWYER?!!! hahaha :D

Like these disjointed posts of yours :)

Alapana said...

See,I told the same to husband "How can you watch India Vs HongKong? please let me watch my programs happily,even gave him a punch but he was not ready to leave the remote:( He said anything can happen, India might loose and then tomorrow morning i will regret not watching it,hahahaha:))

Lyric killer your BIL,god bless you and give you the strength to bear the beautiful lyrics he comes up with;p

Arunima said...

I also kill the lyrics sometimes but I also sing well(According to myself)

Stone said...

@@Pallavi - bad losers rockx :-)

@@Manu:: they actually are..literally

@@Shub:: hahaha I never thot that way...I specialize in writing disjointed thots in a disjointed posts :-)

@@Alapana:: I like his attitude :-)

@@Arunima:: And I don't kill lyrics and sing well too (of course according to myself :-) )