Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rule# 7

Usually there are 2 theories about getting a hair cut –

1) Always invest in a good hair cut; after all you wear it daily.

Then there is a counter-theory

2) Never invest more than reasonable amount on a hair cut, after all hair always grows back.

I’ll leave that to you to pick anyone, but I can assure you about one thing, that’s rule# 7 –

Remember, your every alternate hair cut is going to be screwed, so just make peace with this fact.


I said...

Dear Vivaan,

Stick to the first logic: you got to be happy with what you look like everyday, so investing in a good haircut is the way to go! But by the time you're old, it'll probably be a zamaana of ruffled hairstyles :S

Kanan said...

If you've never gotten a haircut before, how do you know whether the first one you'll get will be good?

What is reasonable? :P

Who decides that?