Tuesday, July 05, 2011

7 seven years!!!!

7 years, saat saal.....I still can't believe that I've kept this place alive for 7 full years. Of course , this is not what it used to be in jawani, but still I keep on sneaking 1-2 post a month.

Best part about it , I met so many interesting people just because this blog. And irrespective of my frequency here always make a point to visit their blog DAILY!!!

7 years, everything has changed, or nothing has changed; I clearly remember when and how I started this place, sitting bored/idle wasting myself, in pursuit of something unknown, something which is still eluding me, something of which I still have no clue.

That anxiousness, that madness, that emptiness, that restlessness, that something something has not changed at all.
On surface things look different too, well I gained weight, lost hair; I don't smile much but I do talk these days, all that crappy small talk about weather and sports; may be I'm mixing into 'duniya' or becoming one.
Anyways, at the same time I don't count those as negatives. I call it natural erosion of myself.
Positives are aplenty, God has been kind. First and foremost is my son, it seems that life before him was a total waste.
Life has been a sequence of "snoozes" or "dismisses" so far or that's what we control; however what happens in the background is like a flowing river, totally unbridled , sometimes violent sometimes serene, and beautiful most of the times.



Parth said...

Persistence is its own virtue. Congratulations, and keep this space going for more!

chandni said...

Keep it going pal :)

Kanan said...

Congrats!! interesting how letting thoughts out changes us as well as sometimes reading others' too.. and I wouldn't call any time of life as a waste as long as you got something out of it or gave it something.

Keep up the good work! It's quite thought provoking.

Arunima said...

congratulations on 7 years. Been reading you all these days. :-) The ending lines were amazing. I remember you getting married, going to the U.S and now you have a son while talking about sports and random things.

manuscrypts said...

has been great to have you around :))

Pallavi said...

Keep going... :)
I have stopped counting.. I started in Nov 2001.. :)

Stone said...

@Parth - Good to see you here; and your "n+1" theorem post keeps on haunting me now and then :-)

@Chandni - Thanks Chandni.

@Kanan - True, its mostly the two-way interactions that leads to something well within which had been eluding us. I disagree on your "any time of life" funda :-)

@Arunima - This blog was inspired from your, Pallavi and Manu's blog only; and it really feels good to be still in touch.

@Manu - Thanks Manu, I still miss your short stories on your blog. :-)

@Pallavi - Thank you, I've been reading you since your jhilmil rediff blog :-)

SG said...

Congratulations on keeping your blog going for 7 years. Mine just completed four years, and at one point I had thought of abandoning it.

Meg said...

I just stumbled across your blog entry as I was looking into journaling for healing myself... I can relate to your feelings of restlessness.
Keep writing... I will follow your quest.

Cheers and all the best


Stone said...

@ SG and Meg - Thank you for stopping by and encouraging words.

shub said...

Ditto, as Arunima :)

Mine's seems to be suffering from the seven year itch :(