Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rule# 45

I don’t know if you remember #13 , where I stressed on the importance of dates, and what can be a better time to stress some more on it when a brand new year is about to begin.

So today’s rule is a combination of #13 and #36; and also as they say talent and luck are nothing but years/hours of hard work wrapped in glittering wrapper, also you must have heard about the 21 days or 3 weeks rule, i.e. in order to ‘cultivate’ a habit one must perform a task for 3 weeks consecutively. It’s kind of scientifically proven fact that it takes x amount of hours to train one’s mind to fall into a certain pattern.

Anyways, I’ll go little further than 21days or 3 weeks rule, I’ll call it “30 days” rule.

45) For 30 consecutive days, do 2 tasks daily, to make it more interesting or balance it out – do 1 task you really love doing but don’t do it due to any reason and do 1 task which you really dislike doing, which you know should be done to help you in longer run but you continue to ignore it.

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