Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rule# 83

83) Just having right tools won’t take you anywhere; only "your will", and “will to apply yourself” would.

I’ll tell you an incident here, when I was 12/13 ( by the way, most of the interesting things happened to me when I was 12/13), as I was youngest child, so always used to have more than enough supply of ‘hand-me-downs’ be it toys or clothes or books; so during midterm exams, before mathematics exam I felt the ‘urgent’ need to buy another ‘guide book’, though I had at least 3 other books available ( like Manjeet Singh etc.) but I was adamant and thought I’ll fail if I don’t get this new book.
After little persuasion parents agreed to buy me this new book, I remember there was a gap of three days between exams, I was just so contented with my new possession, and in my head assumed that now I've the book and can study it anytime I want to; As a result I wasted whole 2 and half days, and struggled to make use of remaining half day ( by the way, there was a cricket tournament going on in Sharjah), and failed miserable in the exam, for record I got 3 out of 20. That was devastating at that time.

I still make same mistakes for different things, but I want you to realize this early on. At least try to make sense of it early on.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... I liked this rule especially when a person is in research field, this rule must be "carved in stone".

Wonderfully woven with past experience. I thought Manjeet Singh was THE only guide book for maths. Tell me which one you bought?

I am sure you are referring to the 95-97 era.
Feeling nostalgic about the good old times.

Thanks for the post.