Friday, April 08, 2016

Rule# 106

Lately I’ve been reading and advocating a lot about ‘Visualize Future’ way of meditation. 

Transforming oneself into a future happy state, but at the same time (at least in my case) I see a 'kind-of flaw' with it, sometimes it flows in so many directions that it becomes difficult to keep track of ‘execution plan’. And often times it fills me with lot of anxiety and desperation.

So instead of getting overwhelmed by the magnitude of the whole collage, it is better to think in terms of ‘point-and-shoot’ pictures. Better to focus on creating a small photo as good, as enjoyable as possible, and after a while the big ‘collage’ will take care of itself. So keep your ‘tasks’ small, so that they have definitive ‘start-middle and end’. 

And that forms the next rule.

106) Point and shoot.