Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Rule# 111

Don’t disappoint God. Don’t disrespect yourself, don’t disappoint yourself.

Look around, it is a beautiful world; each and everything is nothing short of a miracle. The sky, clouds, trees, sun, wind, flowers, roads, cars, people; soak it all, it is so fantastic to be a part such a beautiful arrangement.  Every day, every hour, every minute is an opportunity to grow, learn, be amazed, smile and be HAPPY. We have no right, absolutely no right to crib about anything; God has been so so so kind and great. Every moment is a beginning, an irrevocable experience; feel it, absorb it to the bones; twinkling of stars, gushes of winds, birds, clouds they all are saying something; dissolve yourself in it. That’s the whole essence of life; breath it to your heart's content; life is ‘each breath’ we take, yes that’s it.

Don’t waste yourself by looking at or thinking about negatives; there are plenty of positives all around, just be thankful for that.

Don’t disrespect yourself; don’t disappoint yourself.

111) Don’t disappoint GOD.


How do we know said...

As I told my son in my head today.. even when those who mean the most to you give up, you don't deny who you are. You don't give up who you are!

Stone said...

What a wonderful thought; now I'm sure I'll be repeating this in my head for sometime.