Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I'll bounce back. Yes I'll.

Suddenly emptiness’ of everything took over...everything looked worthless, dull and what not.
but the truth is ..I’m still ruled by heart...or when heart thinks mind find its indecent to interfere. Reason goes out of the window when inner triggers are touched.
I ended up taking a leave from work and spending time with myself at home. and it was worth taking the break.
Well, as like any human being, we all crave for companionship. About people who accept us with all our flaws and shortcomings, who listen to our endless crib about anything and stand by us. I’m no different.
Last night a close friend and confidant left the country for 3 months. Creating a void...a vacuum.
And again I had a non-verbal fight with her, I know she is angry, she is frustrated about whole situation and ends up taking out all her anger at me, she feels she is helpless and strangely she is strength for me.
Now it’s been 44hrs since I heard her voice.
I'll bounce back. Yes I'll.

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