Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not happening...

hmm..problem with 3-day weekends is, there is a strong craving for taking another day off, to make up for the time wasted in past three days, and not taking a leave make me feel soo tired n lethargic through out the day.

Wow, Agassi is playing some fantastic tennis, loved the way he handled that big serving swede, despite 51 aces against him he wrapped up the match in 4 sets, and he is 34, yes 34., bluudy I still clearly remember him when used to have looong hair with lots of ear-rings and used to play in denim shorts :-)
hmmmm..he is my favorite.....infact 2nd favorite, after Stefan Edberg,....hmm but McEnroe will remain my all time favorite.

I'm tired.....or bored?

Today have to attend a friend's wedding anniversary PARTY, still not sure what to gift them, so planning to leave office ard 6 and spend some 1-2 hrs in market then heading to their place.

Nothing tires me more than an off-day at work.


manuscrypts said...

agassi is my second fave too, but after boris becker...hehe

Akruti said...

Heyyyy,u r back so ur personal tsunami crisis must have ended,so welcome back:) and ur absolutely right abt 3 day weekends:) aap itni sachi sachi baathein bolthey ho na:) sachi mein:)

Arshi Sharma said...

I agree copmpletely.. An off day at work not only leaves me frsutrated but sometimes even underconfident..:(

shub said...

oh yeah!! agassi!! liked him better n better as the years gone by!his game's jus gettin more mature....... :)
but he lost! :(
lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved edberg! :)

Stone said...

@manuscrypts:: o great, we belong to good ole' times of Becker-Edberg rivalry :-)

@Neels:: Hi, sachi baat kahi thi maine..logoney suli par chadhaya ;-)

@Arshi Sharma:: symptoms of boring work-profile, consult a consultant immediately ;-)

@shub:: exactly same sentiments :-)