Saturday, February 19, 2005

After her heroics at Melbourne and Hyderabad, she is flashed all across the media, somehow I do not find anything special about on court or off court; off court she tries to imitate Preity Zinta's KHNH look and fails miserably.

hmm no more criticism after all she achieved something which no Indian women had achieved so far. All the very best girl.

Today, Bhai-bhabhi n nephew are going to Dubai for a week ,{ hmmm me too need a week’s off soooon}, hmmm mere din bhi aayengey B-(

Note to self :: after beating own trumpet(loud n clear) in the last post, now its time to come back to the ground and focus on the job at hand, trust me, hard times are ahead but will much more fun. so FOCUS is the word.

Just had ‘few’  uthapams, now I’m off to have ‘few’ allo parathas to complete my fantabulous breakfast ;-)


manuscrypts said...

but apparently she has brands queueing up for her...

Pallavi said...

hope you had a great sunday !!

Stone said...

@manu:: hmm may be for wrong reasons ;-)

@pallavi:: Yep, I had lotssssa fun :-)