Sunday, February 06, 2005

Mere office ki ladkiya.....

in pink, they look prett(y)ier
in black, they look slim(mer)
in red, they look hot(ter)
in brown, they look fat(ter)
in white, they look old(er)


shub said... do u get any work done in office at all? apparently, seems like all you do is LOOK! 8-)

Stone said...

@shub:: ohh yess....thats all I do, and trust me I'm good at it ;-)

Akruti said...

But white is my fav colour:((((
hmm,keep watching,u might come up with new analysis also

Parth said...

Hmm, dangerous to put *any* comments on this post :-)

Pallavi said...

The men in my office...

In black they look busy(er)
in white they look smart(er)
in pink they look sissy(er)
in purple they look hot..(er)
in red they look (more) bothered
in blue they look old..(er)
in brown they look (more) boring


Stone said...

@Neels:: White is fav color too... , but that analysis was about gals only ;-)

@Parth:: don't think too much dude, just reply back the first thot that came in ur mind ;-)

@Pallavi:: Thank God, u didn't say.."In pink..they look GAY" :)) :)) :))

Akruti said...

kya matlab only for girls:) me also a girl diii:(((

Stone said...

@Neels:: my dear Neels..I meant, white is also my fav. colour but that doesn't mean I look old in it coz this analysis is for girls only and since u r a girl so....he he he

manuscrypts said...

colorless, i say ;)

Stone said...

i wishhh... ;-)