Saturday, February 05, 2005

where is the new crop??

ShahRukh Khan 39.
Aamir Khan 39.
Ajay Devgan 38
Salman Khan 39.
Sunny Deol 49.
Anil Kapoor 45.
Sanjay Dutt 45+.
Akshay Kumar 35+.

For past 12-14 years only these guys are ruling the bollywood, they come in all sort of roles, ranging from college romeos to underworld dons, and amazingly all of them have fan-following, no matter what crap they present on screen becomes a rage.

These guys have carved their own space through sheer hardwork, otherwise who would have of thought of someone like Ajay Devgan surviving another year in the tinsel world.

But who will replace them, where is the new crop??, apart from Shahid , I can't see any other potential superstar, No Abhisheks or Hrithiks or Vivek/Fardeen/Zahids can sustain for long.

Well, may be coz 18-35 age group middle-class segment decides the fate of stars and movie; and there are 'unknown/unexplainable' reasons for liking a star, hmmm.... for example in my case I started to like SRK right from his "Fauji" days; so its sort of nature of middle class segment to love/like a star for unexplainable reasons, same way Salman after so many controversies still have huge fan-following, same for all other stars.
And now purchasing power of this segment has increased manifold so they make it a point to watch their favorite stars movies year after year.

I think I need lonnng hours of uninterrupted sleep B-(


Parth said...

Of course, the top of the list is Big B at 62 :-)

Pallavi said...

akshay looks good only now..
Amir is ok...

shahid is cute.. :) also like fardeen.. but he does not suit agressive roles..

I think the heroes like sharukh and amir are just settling down LOLOL

Stone said...

@Parth:: Big B is beyond any comparison :-)

@Pallavi:: true, now they all r settling down, earlier they all used to look-like malnutritioned/in-need-of-haircut blokes.

Debalina said...

Well...I somehow dont find anything good in Shahid.
I used to switch channel if they used to show Abhishek's movie but after watching Yuva, I am total Fida on this guy.
But...all you get to see these days are some lousy funny looking guys trying to act and making fool of themselves on the screen.
Pathetic !